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Best FIFA 22 Packs To Buy - All FUT 22 Packs Prices, Contents, Buy & Open Tips
10/2/2021 10:19:39 AM

In this guide, we will illustrate all the packs available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team featuring all detail about their cost (in FIFA Points/Coins) and their content, as well as offer the professional tips on buying the best FUT 22 Packs.

Best FIFA 22 Packs

FIFA 22 Packs List - FUT Packs Prices, Contents, Buy & Open Tips

Before starting it is important to emphasize that all packages can be divided, according to their availability, into 3 categories:

Standard Packs: Always Available for Purchase on the FUT Store

Promo Packs: more expensive packs available for a limited time and sometimes even in limited numbers

Reward/Free Packs: these are packs not available for purchase, which can be obtained as a reward or reward on various occasions: from those that are distributed on the web app at the beginning of the season, to the special ones of the FUT Champions or the FUT Draft

Preview Packs: Starting with the FIFA 21 Futties event, EA Sports introduced "preview packs", a particular version of packs, which allow the user to view the content before purchasing. This type of pack will also be available on FIFA 22 and in particular, at the beginning of the game, there will be premium gold and premium silver packs, both in normal version and in preview version.

How To Get FIFA 22 Packs? 

Still, you are able to collect FUT 22 packs through the these in-game methods:

- Buy on the Web App Store with FUT Points or FIFA Coins

- Play FUT Online Games (FUT Draft, FUT Rivals, Seasons, Squad Battles, FUT Champions)

- Complete SBCs or other Challenges

- Complete Objectives (Daily, Weekly, or Season)

- Exchange with XP on Seasons

FIFA 22 Packs Buying & Opening Tips

Buy Packs With Points At Early Time - Most of the Standard Packs and Promo Packs can be purchased with FIFA Coins & FIFA Points, but we recommend that you only use points if you have extra money to initially buy packs in-store as much as possible, especially at the starting time, and keep your FIFA 22 coins to buy the player cards to upgrade your squad in the transfer market.

Open Packs When You Have Strong Team - Since opening a pack is like a gambling game, you cannot be sure whether you can get the card you want, so we recommend that you only use coins to buy packs when you have a strong enough team or enough coins, otherwise you may lose what you can use. Come the opportunity to buy premium cards.

Valuable Cards Not Always in Expensive Packs - It is also important to understand that a higher cost of the pack does not necessarily correspond to a greater value of the players inside it: it is possible to find a very expensive card in a premium gold pack of 7500 coins, just as it is possible not to find anything of particular value in a maxi rare gold players pack of 100,000 coins. Remember that there are over 700 rare gold cards in FUT and many of them are worth less than 1000 coins. 

Open Packs With Which You Can Get The Most Profit - Unless you are trying to get a special card from a pack, we recommend that you always buy those packs that contain the most valuable items because even if you don’t draw the ideal card, you can still get Maximize profit back to the cost by selling them out. So which are the best profit packs you should buy, keep reading, we will tell you.

Best FIFA 22 Packs To Buy

Avoiding wasting any FIFA coins or points, and make a wise investment on FUT packs, you should learn which are the most worthy packs to buy, so follow these tips to buy the best FUT 22 packs:

Packs Guaranteed Rare Players At Lowest Prices: Buy the available packs that have the lowest price per rare card. Packs with guaranteed rare players are especially recommended.

Rare Gold Players for TOTW Cards: If you want to be a team of the week player, you will need to buy packs that may include rare gold players. the chances of TOTW players are low.

Expensive Packs Are The Best: surely you get the most for your money when you pick up a lot of coins and buy the most expensive packs. Keep in mind that you have no guarantee for top players. For these packs, only the "coins per rare gold player" value are best.

Best FUT Packs List (Based On Hundreds of Pack-openings, Player's Odds & Value)

PackPack Prices (coins/points)Prices for Per Rare Gold Player
Rare Players Pack50,000/1,0004 166
Jumbo Rare Players Pack100,000/2,0004 166
Ultimate Pack125,000/2,5004 166
Rare Mega Pack55,000/1,1005 000
Rare Electrum Players Pack30,000/6005 000
Mega Pack35,000/7005 303
Rare Gold Pack25,000/5006 250
Prime Electrum Players Pack20,000/4006 666
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15,000/3006 849
Prime Gold Players Pack45,000/6009 000
Premium Gold 13 Pack7 5009 036
Premium Gold Players Pack25,000/35010 000
Liga Prime Players Pack55 00011 000
Premium Gold Pack7,500/15012 000
League Premium Players Packs30,000/40012 000
Gold Players Pack12 50015 060
Gold 13 Pack5,000/10017 857
Gold Pack5,000/10023 809

FIFA 22 FUT Packs List - Items & Prices

Here we list all the FIFA 21 Packs in terms of three types: Standard Packs, Promo Packs, Free Packs / SBC Packs / Reward Packs, covering each FIFA 22 pack prices and details: 

FIFA 22 Standard Packs

The following packs can always be purchased on the "Store" of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode:

Pack Name (Items #)CoinsFIFA PointsPlayersConsumablesItemsGoldSilverBronzeRares
Bronze Pack (12)400-YESYESYES--121
Premium Bronze Pack (12)750-YESYESYES--123
Silver Pack (12)2,50050YESYESYES-12-1
Premium Silver Pack (12)3,75075YESYESYES-12-3
Gold Pack (12)5,000100YESYESYES12--1
Premium Gold Pack (12)7,500150YESYESYES12--3

FIFA 22 Promo Packs

On some occasions, EA Sports releases promo packages for a limited time, with a higher purchase cost. Sometimes the availability of packs can be limited both in the total number of packages in the store and in the maximum number of packs that can be purchased by each user.

Pack Name (Items #)CoinsFIFA PointsPlayersConsumablesItemsGoldSilverBronzeRares
Gold Contracts Pack (4)800-NOYESNO4---
Jumbo Bronze Pack (24)800-YESYESYES--243
Bronze Players Pack (12)1,250-YESNONO--121
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack (24)1,50075YESYESYES--247
Premium Bronze Players Pack (12)1,800-YESNONO--123
Consumables Pack (12)3,00050NOYESNO12--1
Jumbo Silver Pack (24)4,000100YESYESYES-24-3
Gold 13 Pack (13)5,000100YESYESYES13--1
Silver Players Pack (12)5,000100YESNONO-12-1
Premium Silver Players Pack (12)7,000150YESNONO-12-3
Premium Gold 13 Pack (13)7,500150YESYESYES13--3
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack (24)7,500150YESYESYES-24-7
League Premium Silver Pack (12)10,000200YESYESYES12--3
Jumbo Gold Pack (24)10,000200YESYESYES24--3
Gold Players Pack (12)12,500250YESNONO12--1
Premium Electrum Players Pack (12)12,500250YESNONO66-3
Silver Upgrade Pack (12)15,00050YESNOYES-12--
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (24)15,000300YESYESYES24--7
Rare Consumables Pack (12)20,000400NOYESNO12--12
Prime Electrum Players Pack (12)20,000400YESNONO66-6
Premium Gold Players Pack (12)25,000350YESNONO12--3
Rare Gold Pack (12)25,000500YESYESYES12--12
Gold Upgrade Pack (12)30,00075YESNONO12---
League Premium Players Pack (12)30,000400YESNONO12--3
Rare Electrum Players Pack (12)30,000600YESNONO66-12
Mega Pack (30)35,000700YESYESYES30--18
Prime Gold Players Pack (12)45,000600YESNONO12--6
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24)50,000700YESNONO24--7
Rare Players Pack (12)50,0001,000YESNONO12--12
Prime Gold Defenders Pack (12)55,000750YESNONO12--6
Prime Gold Midfielders Pack (12)55,000750YESNONO12--6
Prime Gold Forwards Pack (12)55,000750YESNONO12--6
League Prime Players Pack (12)55,000750YESNONO12--6
Rare Mega Pack (30)55,0001,100YESYESYES30--30
Rare Gold Defenders Pack (12)62,5001,250YESNONO12--12
Rare Gold Midfielders Pack (12)62,5001,250YESNONO12--12
Rare Gold Forwards Pack (12)62,5001,250YESNONO12--12
Jumbo Rare Players Pack (12)100,0002,000YESNONO24--24
Ultimate Pack (30)125,0002,500YESNONO30--30

It should be noted that in the code of the store there are also other promo packages that, however, at the moment, have not yet been activated in FIFA, such as those of the various championships that are generally inserted on the occasion of the TOTS. We will update this guide as soon as these packs arrive.

FIFA 22 Reward/Free Packs

We conclude this list with some of the free packs available on FUT. They range from the starter pack, given to everyone at the first start of the Ultimate Team mode on FIFA 22, to the special packs delivered to those who arrive in the Top 100 and Champions in the Weekend League

Pack Name (Items #)CoinsFIFA PointsPlayersConsumablesItemsGoldSilverBronzeRares
Starting Pack (34)FREEFREEYESYESYES3229-
All Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO4441
Bronze Reward Pack (4)FREEFREEYESYESYES--4-
Silver Reward Pack (4)FREEFREEYESYESYES-4--
Gold Reward Pack (4)FREEFREEYESYESYES4---
Bronze Contracts Pack (4)FREEFREENOYESNO--4-
Silver Contracts Pack (4)FREEFREENOYESNO-4--
Small Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO--61
Small Prime Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO--63
Small Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO2221
Prime Bronze Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO--126
Small Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO33-1
Small Rare Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO--66
Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO4441
Small Gold Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO6--1
Rare Bronze Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO--1212
Premium Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO4443
Small Prime Silver Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO-6-3
Small Prime Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO2223
Small Prime Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO33-3
Small Rare Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO2226
Small Rare Silver Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO-6-6
Prime Silver Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO-12-6
Rare Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO44412
Small Rare Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO33-6
Small Rare Gold Players Pack (6)FREEFREEYESNONO6--6
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack (26)FREEFREEYESNONO26--7
Electrum Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO66-1
Prime Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREEYESNONO4446
Loan Player Reward Pack (4)FREEFREEYESYESYES4--1
Premium Loan Player Pack (4)FREEFREEYESYESYES4--1
Ultimate Loan Player Pack (4)FREEFREEYESYESYES4--4
Loan Prime Icon Pack (1)FREEFREEYESNONO1--1
81-86 Rated Rare Players Pack (1)FREEFREEYESNONO1--1
Base Icon Player Pack (1)FREEFREEYESNONO1--1
Mid Icon Player Pack (1)FREEFREEYESNONO1--1
Two Players Pack (2)FREEFREEYESNONO2--1
Two Rare Gold Players Pack (2)FREEFREEYESNONO2--2
Two Rare Gold Players Plus Pack (2)FREEFREEYESNONO2--2
League Two 81+ Players Pack (2)FREEFREEYESNONO2--2
UCL Common Player Pack (1)FREEFREEYESNONO1---
Two UCL Common Player Pack (2)FREEFREEYESNONO2---
81+ UCL Rare Player Pack (1)FREEFREEYESNONO1--1
UCL Two Player Pack (2)FREEFREEYESNONO2--1
UCL Three Player Pack (3)FREEFREEYESNONO3--1
Ultimate TOTW Pack (11)FREEFREEYESNONO11--3
Ultimate TOTS Pack (11)FREEFREEYESNONO11--11
Draft Token Pack (5)FREEFREENOYESYES5--11
Coins PackFREEFREE------1
Premium Coins PackFREEFREE-------

Other Free Packs

There are also other free packs, such as the one that gives away a draft token, which can sometimes be obtained by losing in the first round of the FUT Draft. Or those "Loan SdS Players" intended for those who have booked the "Icon" version of FIFA 22.

Packs Removed From FUT 22

Fut Champions Monthly Reward Packs - In FIFA 22, the monthly FUT Champions rewards will no longer be available and therefore the following packs will no longer be present.

FIFA World Cup Packs - On 29 May 2018, with the arrival of the DLC dedicated to the Russia 2018 World Cup, new packs were also released.