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NAB 2K22 Best Guard Build- A DEMIGOD in NBA 2K22! (Best Build + Best Badges)
9/10/2021 4:32:57 PM

The point guard is the most important part of the NBA 2K22 team lineup. PG is mainly responsible for organizing the offense of the team, commanding the defense, and controlling the ball to decide to pass the ball to the right player at the right time, which is to take it on the court. The person with the most chances of the ball. Not only does he have to take the ball safely from the backcourt to the frontcourt, but he also needs to pass the ball to other teammates so that they have a chance to score.

It can be said that the point guard is an extension of the head coach on the court. Indispensable to every team is a good point guard. Today bring NBA 2K22 best point guard build to help you get better performance in NBA 2K22.


NAB 2K22 Best Guard Build- Best Build + Best Badges


Point Guard

Skill Breakdown

Choose the pie chart with majority Shooting/Finishing 

Physical Profile

Choose the agility and vertical pie chart

Set PG  Potential-Attribute


Close Shot - 55

Driving Layup - 80

Driving Dunk - 52

Standing Dunk - 25

Post Hook - 30


Mid-Range Shot - 90

Three-Point Shot - 87

Free Throw - 90

Post Fade - 78


Pass Accuracy - 88

Ball Handle - 91

Post control- 31


Interior Defense - 28 

Perimeter Defense - 75 

Lateral Quickness - 75 

Steal - 84

Block -29 

Offensive Rebound - 41

Defensive Rebound - 56

Choose PG Body Shape

Body Shape: Compact

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 169 lbs

Wingspan: 74.0"

Choose PG Takeover

Spot Up Shooter     

Test PG Potential-Badges 


Bronze - Slithery Finisher


Bronze: Deadeye

HOF: Blinders, Chef, Green Machine, Lucky#7, Hot Zone Hunter, Limitless Spot-up


Bronze: Unpluckable

HOF: Bullet Passer, Handles For Days, Quick First Step, Quick Chain, Ankle Breaker


Bronze: Menace, Hustler

Gold: Clamps, Pick Dooger

That's the NBA 2K22 best PG build you need. Buy NBA 2K22 MT at UTPLAY.com!


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