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Madden 21 Best Defensive Playbook - The Best Trey Y-Flex Formation With Dagger Playbook In Madden 21
5/31/2021 4:26:00 PM

This is one of the best offenses in Madden 21 to destroy absolutely any defense that you could face. the formation is the shotgun Trey Y-Flex the play is the dagger. this play is the best if you have your trips wide receivers lined up to the wide side of the field. put the team on the right hash mark, receivers on the left side of the field. if your team is on the left hash mark, flip the formation have the wide receivers lined up to the right side of the field. another key thing about this play is it's going to be best if you have a backfield master running back or a quarterback that is a hot route master, because put your running back on a table route, it’ll make this play super effective. but if you don't have that, you can put them on an out route. put them on a table route, you hit wire triangle, select his icon, then go right on the d-pad. if you don't have this option, put him on our route by pressing the wire triangle, selecting his icon, selecting right on the left stick. 


Madden 21 Trey Y-Flex Formation With Dagger Playbook In Gameplay In Madden 21

Next, we will show you some alternate setups that’ll confuse your opponent on how to beat all the popular defenses in Madden 21. the first thing you always want to look for in this play is the table route then you want to progress to the drag route. they work very well off of each other. the table route does a good job at beating a man. everybody loves to run man defense, the table route is what you want to look to every single time. if it's there, take it. do not pass this up, especially with a good receiving back, even though it looks like it's covered pretty well, we still get huge yards. once you start abusing at table route, people are going to manually overplay it with their user, in which you go back over the middle of the field to this drag, that does a good job at beating every defense. these two routes work very well together because a user cannot cover them both. then you have the best route on the play-crossing route. use your best receiver, he’ll do a good job at beating the man press every time. if you have a route technician type ability on him, he's going to do a good job at consistently getting open against even the best cornerbacks in the game. this is another one of those routes that your opponent has to over-adjust to stop. the fail-safe route is the back-end dig route run by the wide receiver all the way on the left side of the field. he's going to do a good job at beating man coverage and any zone coverage. this is one of those routes that work perfectly with the crossing route because it fills in far behind it that a user cannot cover both. if you do not have the table route, the out route will work fine. it's not as good as the table route because the table route does hit the sideline a little bit quicker, but with a good running back, you can still make some pretty big yards with the out route as well. 

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