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Madden 21 Defense Guide - The Best Lockdown Coverage Defense To Lock Up Any Pass Play In Madden 21
5/31/2021 3:59:34 PM

This isn't the typical man defense with the zones, we're switching it up and going all out zone. it's extremely important that go to coaching adjustments before running this defense make sure that flats are set to 25, curl flats are set to zero, and hooks are set to 10. this is the 335 wide defensive formation. the play we'll look at is the 3, Sam Will Blitz. 

3 Sam Will Blitz playbooks

3 Sam Will Blitz Playbooks

The Base Setup

Shade down then shade back up. we do this by pressing the wire triangle down the stick then we press wire triangle again go up on the stick. it turns those curl flats into cloud flats. after some of the updates in the game, this is the best way to play zone drops on the outside, typically we were putting our curl flats to 25 yards and dropping them back. with this play, in particular, the cloud flat safeties defend way better to the sideline than the purple zones are. 

Come over to the outside linebacker on the left, drop him into a curl flat. Press A or X, then press on the left stick. the curl flat is set to zero yards, it'll play aggressively in the flat. the cloud flat is set to 25, it'll drop far back. after putting this player into a curl flat, the quickest way to get to the other linebacker is to tap the B or circle button twice. drop him into a curl flat as well by pressing A or X, on the left stick. we've labeled both sides of the field, we'll take away deep crossers, deep corners to the sidelines, but we'll lock up a flat route. 

Get back to the user in the middle. blitzing the user can make him move around better on the field, gives him a little bit better agility. Press A or X down on the stick to blitz him. this is the base setup, a lot of people like to do to the sideline, if you want to defend things over the middle, that'll get a good pass rush out of this formation as well. 


typically, people do a lot in Madden 21, they like to have a deep corner route and a flat route on the outside. because it does a good job against the zone. a lot of times, those corner routes can do good against man. at the left outside, we are bracketed, cloud flat dropping underneath, and deep zone over the top. this is not a good throw. this play relies on being very good over the middle of the field, but this defense is good because the pass rush is good out of it as well. let's say this could need a little bit more help over the middle of the field, because the opponent's sending more routes over the middle, we can still set up the base defense the same way, we shade down we shade back up, put outside linebackers in the curl flats, but then we might want to take our defensive tackle to drop him back over the middle. Press A or X, on the left we can drop him into a hook curl to the left or the right.

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