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Madden 21 All-Time Winning Atlanta Falcons Team - The Best Theme Team In Madden 21
5/24/2021 4:39:38 PM

It's been a while, but it hasn't been that long since the Falcons theme team came out. this time is as good as any, and you can make it even better because we have more Falcons than we need. this Falcons theme team update is a big step up. all the theme teams are all good, some are a little bit better than others, and this one is stacked. the Falcons have been super lucky. so let's take a look at this team!

maxresdefault (2)

The Best Madden 21 Falcon Theme Team Analysis and Breakdown - The Best Theme Team In Madden 21 


  • Left Tackle 1 Matt Light

  • Left Tackle 2 Jake Matthews


  • Left Guard 1 Russ Grimm

  • Left Guard 2 James Carpenter


  • Center 1 Alex Mack

  • Center 2 Ryan Kelly


  • Right Guard 1 Bill Fralic

  • Right Guard 2 Chris Lindstrom


  • Right Tackle 1 Lincoln Kennedy

  • Right Tackle 2 Kaleb McGary


  • Tight End 1 Tony Gonzalez 

  • Tight End 2 Kyle Pitts

  • Tight End 3 Hayden Hurst


  • Wide Receiver 1 Calvin Ridley

  • Wide Receiver 2 Cordarrelle Patterson

  • Wide Receiver 3 Julio Jones

  • Wide Receiver 4 Brian Finneran

  • Halfback 1 Micheal Turner

  • Halfback 2 Steven Jackson

  • Halfback 3 Warrick Dunn


  • Quarterback 1 Brett Favre

  • Quarterback 2 Michael Vick

  • Fullback 1 C.J Ham

  • Fullback 2 Keith Smith

Offense Line: There are a couple of Falcons starting in different spots, but it's mostly Falcons. if we have Falcons in a good spot, use them. so that's why the Alex Mack is there, also the brand new Kyle Pitts is on the list: 98 speed on a tight end. and we got Cordarrelle Patterson, he is a monster and he's even more of a monster on this team in particular. Michael ‘Big Mike’, Brett Favre, etc.


  • Free Safety 1 Duron Harmon

  • Free Safety 2 Deangelo Hall

  • Right Outside Linebacker 1 Darryl Talley

  • Right Outside Linebacker 2 Foyesade Oluokun 

  • Middle Linebacker 1 Sam Mills

  • Middle Linebacker 2 Patrick Willis 

  • Middle Linebacker 3 Dejon Jones

  • Middle Linebacker 4 Ryan Shazier

  • Left Outside Linebacker 1 Mykal Walker

  • Left Outside Linebacker 2 Cornelius Bennett

  • Strong Safety 1 Keanu Neal

  • Strong Safety 2 Lawyer Milloy

  • Cornerback 1 Brian Poole

  • Cornerback 2 Deion Sanders

  • Cornerback 3 Dunta Robinson

  • Cornerback 4 Asante Samuel

  • Right End 1 Dwight Freeney

  • Right End 2 Osi Umenyiora

  • Defensive Tackle 1 Grady Jarrett

  • Defensive Tackle 2 John Randle

  • Defensive Tackle 3 La’Roi Glover

  • Defensive Tackle 4 Aaron Donald

  • Left End 1 John Abraham

  • Left End 2 J.J Watt 

Defense Line: it's all Falcons at this point. so Duron Harmon, Darryl Talley, Sam Mills, Keanu Neal, Dr. Robinson who's our favorite corner in the game, lots of good cards. and the brand new Dwight Freeney as well. this is a ridiculous card on this team. there's Deion Sanders who's also technically new, like an upgraded version of Deion. he has all 99s too. This defense probably will give you a little bit of trouble. 


  • Punter 1 Jack Fox 

  • Kicker1 Shayne Graham

  • Kick Returner 1 Cordarrelle Patterson

  • Kick Returner 2 Devin Hester

  • Punt Returner 1 Deion Sanders

  • Long Snapper 1 Alex Mack

  • Kickoff Specialist 1 Shayne Graham

Special Teams: we have our sub linebackers, while good because we don't have enough safeties, that's the reason why but everyone else is going to be Falcons.


  • 3rd Down Running Back1 Micheal Turner

  • Power Half Back 1 Warrick Dunn

  • Slot Wide Receiver 1 Julio Jones

  • Sub Linebacker 1 Derwin James Jr 

  • Rushing Left End 1 Dwight Freeney

  • Rushing Defensive Tackle 1 Grady Jarrett

  • Rushing Right End 1 John Abraham

  • Slot Cornerback 1 Deion Sanders

Gameplay: start at the time [3:55]

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