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NBA 2K21 Mystery Domination Guide (Season 6): How to Beat Hall of Fame CPU in MyTEAM Domination Games
3/29/2021 3:01:15 PM

With the start of NBA 2K21 Season 6 Glitched Reality, Mystery Domination becomes available in MyTEAM mode and allows you to new player cards. You have to play games on the Hall of Fame difficulty against nice teams. How to beat Hall of Fame CPU in Mystery Domination and win free Mel Daniels? Welcome to keep reading the breakdown and tips for NBA 2K21 Mystery Domination.

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NBA 2K21 Glitched Reality Rewards & Mystery Domination Games

Season 6 launched in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM with Radioactive Packs and a bunch of new player cards as the rewards, for example, 99 OVR Dark Matter JR Smith is the level 40 reward, you also have the chance to earn Evolution Jimmy Butler, GO Artis Gilmore, Michael Redd, Rashard Lewis, Billy Cunningham, GO Jerry Sloan, All-Star Julius Randle, Fat Lever, and Dwyane Wade. While Mel Daniels is the Domination reward. Galaxy Opal Mel Daniels, a 3x ABA Champion, 2x ABA MVP, and your 99-star reward for completing a new Glitched tier in Domination. Daniels is an evolution card, which will become the first available reward Dark Matter card. In Season 6 Mystery Domination, there are several groups of Domination games as below. 

1. Current Domination

2. Historic Domination: Earn 33 Stars in Current to unlock Historic

3. All-Time Domination: Earn 33 Stars in Historic to unlock All-Time

4. Heat Check

5. Mystery Domination


Pro Difficulty: Win game and earn 775 MT

All-Star Difficulty: Win game and earn 825

Hall of Fame Difficulty: Win game and earn 875

You do not need to complete every single other domination game in order to get Mel Daniels, you only have to do his domination games, that's going to be worth doing, use your regular team these are not going to be simple. You have to beat all of these games on three stars.


NBA 2K21 Mystery Domination Guide - How to Beat Hall of Fame CPU in Mystery Domination 

How to win every game play against the computer in Domination? Each player has their own experiences and difficulties. Here are some tips you can refer to. 

Tips found by Wildmont Gaming

1. First, the coach that you're running should be your normal coach playbook, if you are struggling with scoring, there are at least two playbooks you should try out. One is the HAWKS playbook and then the other one is going to be the Gold Rockets playbook, if it's expensive, you can easily just sell it back once you're done with it, but the Gold rocket playbook is really good and the reason is that it's a five out playbook, if you don't know what five out is essentially everybody stands on the perimeter and that makes it a lot easier for you to score. 

2. Put it as your main playbook, it makes it a lot easier to score because nobody's sitting in the middle of the paint and you could just pretty much rim running at that point. If you need some of these players, you want to have players with hall of fame range is because the CPU is a lot of it has absolute Clamps, hall of fame range allows you to not have to run into the CPU and try to score on them, so the more players with hall of fame range that you have the easier it would be.

3. For the defensive settings, On-ball Pressure (Smother), Off-ball Pressure (Deny Ball). A hedge essentially means that your center will always drop back so anytime the CPU is trying to drive in the paint instead of your center trying to come out and guard the guard that won't happen he'll just drop back, stay attached means that your center will also stay attached to the opponent's center and this helps a lot on defense.

Tips found by Andy Constant

1. The first thing you need to make sure you have Pelicans playbook, if you don’t have this, it isn’t gonna work, so go ahead and buy it with NBA 2K21 MT

2. Now that you have Pelicans playbook, all you really need is players that are able to dunk the ball well, such as Dwayne Wade (98 driving dunk), Brandon Roy (97 driving dunk), and Clyde Drexler (98 driving dunk). They're going to be able to get to the rim and they're going to dunk the ball.

3. When you get into the game, the first thing to do once take the ball off the court is going to GAMEPLAN -> Coaching Sliders, set the Help Defense to 0, this is gonna prevent people from leaving the corner to stop someone from getting an easy layup which is gonna actually leave the guy in the corner open for three, that's gonna help you in the long run. The next step is to go to Coach Settings, and turn off the Adaptive Coaching Engine. 

4. For Offensive Settings, your Freelance has to be Hawks 2018, for Play Selection, you want to go down to your fourth play, select High 5, this is the play that's going to allow you to score every time.

5.You can also go into your defensive settings and put On-ball Pressure on smother and Off-ball Pressure on Deny Ball, this is going to get you more steals and that's really all the settings you need.

The Reddit user u/Duvangrgata1 also posted a detailed guide for how to crush the CPU in Mystery Domination. Click here to check out the original post.

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