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Top 5 Madden 21 Franchise Mode Tips That You Need To Know Before It’s Too Late
3/28/2021 2:39:54 PM

For all the new beginners, you are probably wondering what settings should you use? What are the tips that you need out the gate that you can apply to your franchise mode? Let's go through the basics! Here are some very simple tips that will benefit the newer Madden user than it would say some of the veteran gamers. But you never know, it's been a while, maybe some of you haven't played Madden 21 and you're getting back into things here for Madden 21 and you need a little refresher course.

#1 If you like to play on PC, choose offline. Because offline is easier if you start going down the deep dark hole of mods. Mods are a lot easier to use offline. But for main franchises or rebuild, the cloud is the best way to go. Playing offline is safer regardless of internet connection or servers. However the benefits of the cloud far away than the benefits of offline: cloud goes faster, the sim goes faster, if you're doing a rebuild, in particular, you could save 10~15 minutes in the range of sim time by playing in a cloud save. Cloud saves get the patch updates quicker. It's an easier way in Madden 21 when we're waiting for a lot of franchise updates to come throughout the game's life cycle. But the biggest one is if you do plan on getting the PS5/Xbox Series X, cloud leagues will be imported. That is easily the biggest reason why this year you should be playing on the cloud. Nothing would be worse than being stuck offline. So without a shadow of a doubt, when you are starting your franchise mode, start with a cloud one.

#2 On the career settings page, all of the settings are as classic as it gets, you should know all these options. If you're doing different types of rebuilds/experiments, you may want to have your roster size dip below 46. If you didn't know that this was an option that they added into the settings before you start your franchise mode, you'd be clueless when you can’t figure out why you keep cutting all these scrub players off the team. Check out this roster protection, you may not have seen it before in your settings. You should always turn it off so that you have unlimited opportunities and maneuvers and moves and ways to manipulate your roster.


#3 XP sliders. Gameplay sliders will come. Within the first month or so, there's a good set of sliders over on the operation sports forum. As the data above, these are based on t-dog sliders, which are much the most respected community sliders. You can check that out, you can google it. 

#4 Weekly training is something that the MUT community is split on. Half the people leaving on, they like being able to hop in here and implement their game plan, do some training. But it does also seem like there's a lot of people that flick this on auto, they don't want to deal with it. However, when you get this week one of the preseasons every single year, turn it on manual. So you could set your three focus players, Madden will do this for you. But if you don't go in and when you can do not let the computer decide for you. When you have your control over certain things, always get your type of personal preferences in here. 

#5 There is a lot of options for your Coach XP. And if more so, you're a newer player and have no idea what upgrade. All the Coach XP options are not cheap. It is going to be hard especially if you're starting as a brand new coach and don't know what upgrades should you prioritize. All of the player acquisition upgrades should be the last thing you upgrade. You could look at expert scouting if you're in every given week and always a couple of points short of being able to complete your board. If you manually scout every single week, plus those bonus weeks you get in the off-season, you're going to be fine unless you're doing an all-out rebuilding or you want to emphasize building through the draft. By all means, get expert scouting, it's not that expensive. But that's the only early upgrade from the player acquisition that we could easily recommend.


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