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Madden NFL 21 Free Agency Promo - Release Date, Solos, Sets, Masters & Player Predictions
3/3/2021 4:20:28 PM

Free Agency Promo is the biggest program of March we are going to see in Madden 21 NFL, when exactly this promo release, and what new content we can expect? Follow us to discover everything you should know about Madden 21 Free Agency Promo.


Madden NFL 21 Free Agency Program

As the name suggests, it’s not hard to understand that the Free Agency promo in Madden Ultimate Team is released to celebrate the NFL free-agency period in the real world, which generally includes new players, sets, solos, and store offerings. And this interesting promo split up into two different parts: Part I & Part II. The second part of the promo is expected to be released sometime next week after the Part I release. 

This year, we already know that the Combine Promo is canceled officially and replaced by the All-Rookie Promo in Madden NFL 21. With the pack animation of Position Heroes (which was actually used in the fantasy pack for the black history month players) that was actually leaked, so we don't know exactly if there's still going to be that promo we'll have to see about positional heroes in Madden 21. But one promo that we think we will potentially see back again is the Madden 21 Free Agency Promo.

Madden 21 Free Agency Program Release Date

When exactly could we see this promo? Well, last year, this promo dropped on the day that the 2020 NFL free agency started which was March 18th, 2020. This year, the 2021 NFL free agency period will officially open when the new league year begins, at 4 p.m. ET on March 17. So we definitely expect:

  • Madden NFL 21 Free Agency Promo Part I on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

  • Madden NFL 21 Free Agency Promo Part II on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Madden 21 Free Agency Promo New Offers

So similar to another big promo in MUT 21, there is plenty of new content related to free agency period coming for Ultimate Team players, such as new players, sets, solos, and store items. 

Madden 21 Free Agency Players

Get ready for some amazing new cards in MUT Free Agency, including 2 x 98 OVR must-have masters, and 18 free agents for each part. 

  • Master Players have all 32 NFL teams available for team chemistry. 

  • Free Agents do not currently have specific team chemistry. Once the player officially joins an NFL team, their FA player item will be updated with the appropriate team chemistry.

Full list of Madden 21 MUT Free Agency Masters, Heroes & Players

  • Dak Prescott (QB) 98 OVR - Offensive Master 

  • Master JJ Watt (LE) 98 OVR - Defensive Master 

  • Allen Robinson II (WR) 96 OVR - Hero

  • Le'Veon Bell (HB) 96 OVR - Hero

  • Justin Simmons (FS) 96 OVR - Hero

  • William Jackson III (CB) 96 OVR - Hero

  • Leonard Williams (RE) 96 OVR - Hero

  • Hunter Henry (TE) 96 OVR - Hero

  • Bud Dupree (ROLB) 94 OVR

  • Curtis Samuel (WR) 94 OVR

  • Jameis Winston (QB) 93 OVR

  • Carl Lawson (RE) 93 OVR

  • Russell Okung (LT) 92 OVR

  • Malik Hooker (FS) 92 OVR

  • Marlon Mack (HB) 89 OVR

  • Matt Milano (LOLB) 89 OVR

  • Quinton Dunbar (CB) 88 OVR

  • Gerald Everett (TE) 88 OVR

  • Duke Johnson Jr (HB) 87 OVR

  • Romeo Okwara (RE) 87 OVR

How To Get Free Agency Cards?

  • 1. Get lucky with pack pulls

  • 2. Buy from Auction House with MUT 21 Coins

  • 3. Complete Sets, Missions, or Solos

Madden 21 Free Agency Masters & Free Agents Prediction

What Players Could we potentially see in Madden 21? Here we make a predicted list:

  • Shaq Barrett

  • Chris Godwin

  • Von Miller

  • Dak Prescott

  • A.J. Green

  • Allen Robinson

  • Jadeveon Clowney

  • Patrick Peterson

  • Justin Simmons

  • Aaron Jones

  • Todd Gurley

  • Kenny Golladay

  • Noti gang

  • Leonard Williams

  • Xiaver Rhodes

  • Justin Houston

  • Anthony Walker

  • T.y Hilton

  • Cam Newton

Madden 21 Free Agency Missions

After the promo kicks off in MUT, you will see your NFL Free Agency missions, which will navigate you to the appropriate spot for solo challenges, buying packs, and putting cards into the sets.

Madden 21 Free Agency Sets

Free Agency Sets will be added to MUT for players, by completing them, you can build your way up to the Masters and Free Gents, the following sets we received in Madden 21 Free Agency Program:

  • · Get one of the 98 OVR masters, his Power Up, and 2x Week 2 Heroes back as NAT -Trade in 2x Free Agency Heroes to earn the 98 OVR Master.

  • · Get one of the 96 OVR Heroes - Trade in 1x 94 OVR, 1x 92-93 OVR, and 4x 87-89 OVR Free Agency Players to receive one of the Free Agency Heroes

  • · Get a random 92-94 OVR Free Agency Player - Trade in any 2x 89-90 OVR, any 2x 87-88 OVR, and any 3x 85-86 OVR players in the set

  • · Get a random 87-89 OVR Free Agency Player - Trade in any 1x 85-86 OVR, any 2x 83-84 OVR, and any 3x 80-82 OVR players in the set

Simply stack up your cards and keep adding in players to earn those higher cards!

Madden 21 Free Agency Solo Challenges

MUT 21 Free Agency Present and Historical Solo Challenge for each Free Agency player are available to complete:

  • · Present challenges feature the players and their team's biggest moments from this past season

  • · Historical challenges take you back to these players biggest moments in their career

  • · Earn 87+ OVR FA Player for getting 50 stars through these challenges

  • · Earn you a 96 OVR NAT Fantasy FA Pack & a choice of any of the FA MUT Heroes for getting 100 stars through these challenges

These solos will certainly help toward completing a Master set.

Madden 21 Free Agency Packs & Bundles

Also, Free Agency cards will be packed for sale in in-game store. If you don’t want to spend your time completing missions, solos, and sets, buy the Free Agency packs and bundles with coins or points.

The following free agency packs, bundles, and items were available in the Store during MUT 20 Free Agency promo:

  • · 90+ OVR Free Agency Player (Price: 150 Points) - Contains 1x 90+ OVR Free Agency player. Limit of 1.

  • · Free Agency Pack (Price: 40,000 Coins or 700 Points) - Contains 1x 87+ OVR Free Agency player, 2x 76+ OVR Gold or better players, and 3x 62+ OVR Silver or better players.

  • · 4x Free Agency Bundle (Price: 2,200 Points) - Contains 4x Free Agency Packs. Limit of 4.

  • · 13x Free Agency Bundle (Price: 8,900 Points) - Contains 13x Free Agency Packs and 3x 90+ -OVR Free Agency players. Limit of 3.

  • · 87+ Free Agency Player (Price: 3,900 Training) - Contains 1x 87+ OVR Free Agency player

Here are all the details you should know about the Madden 21 Free Agency promotion, which is predicted according to the arrival time of the MUT 20 Free Agency. If things stay in a routine, we can expect this will be official.


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