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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Layup Packages & Layup Package Requirements
2/3/2021 4:50:08 PM

Proper animation can help you get an open layup, the type of your player and play style will have an impact on the layup package you should choose. What are the best layup packages in 2K21 to equip? Here we’ll go through all the layup package requirements and NBA 2K21 next gen best layup packages with breakdown.

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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Layup Packages - Best Layup Packages 2K21

Let’s take a breakdown of every single layup animations based on the video of YaboiFitz, then you can find the best layup packages. 

Default Small: really easy to time, Default Small might do a couple of different animations when you absolutely a finisher, it's really a good layup package for getting green, so if you're a person that is good at timing your layups, that's what you want to use.

Default Swing: pretty slow, but it’s the best choice for lower-rated finishers who can’t unlock the above three layup packages.

Floater Specialist: for people who love doing floaters, it also has some glitchy animations like hop step, floaters, euro step, that you can get from other packages. Floater Specialist actually is kind of good on 2K21 next gen.

Fundamental: it likes a mixture of Floater Specialist and Steph Curry. It has really quick animations but not good for undersized people, it’s really easy to get blocked. So this one is not recommended as well. 

Long Athlete: the only one on this list that's gonna be for big men and guards. It's not as overpowered as it was. It's better than okay.

Stephen Curry: a very good layup package, you can use it if you want your layups to be consistently open. 

B. Simmons: actually good for certain situations, you have to have a close shot for that, when it comes to the animations within it, B. Simmons has some of the best like Eurostep Reverse Layup, it could be one of the best layup packages in the game but the main layup that's in the package is really bad for next-gen because a lot of people don't put up their close shots.

J. Harden: one of the most underrated layup packages, hop step dunks, euro step dunks, spin dunks and hot gather dunks, James Harden has all of the best euro animations

G.Gervin: it’s good for certain people but the layup is so slow, it is probably one of the worst layups in the game. A lot of layup packages are slower on next-gen. 

M. Jordan: it’s a good layup package, very blockable, just because of one animation it can't be the craziest layup package in the game, but it's good for people really want to get acrobatic and have a lot of hang time. 

R. Westbrook: probably the best layup packages, it’s relatively fast, it’s like a balance of everything, you are going to be able to have some decent euros, cradles, spins, and it’s really consistent to the rim, it just depends on what animation you get and the timing on it. 

L. James: if you make your wingspan long or want to get straight to the rim with long arms, it's gonna be good.

Default Big: it's just gonna be for the big man, simply going straight to the rim, not gonna be doing anything extra, really easy to time.

Dominant Big: this could arguably be the most overpowered layup package in the game, the only thing is you need to have an 80 layup on it and you have to be 6’10”, a lot of the requirements that it, but this pack has crazy animations when you do layup animations. 

K. Irving: up-and-unders and athletic layups prevent you from getting blocked.

J. Crawford: some really interesting animations in this package for mixtapes or just showing off. 

Circus: decent, but in a more subdued way.

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NBA 2K21 Layup Package Requirements

Default Small – PG, SG, SF

Default Swing – PG, SG, SF

Default Big – SF, PF, C

Circus – 65 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

Dominant Big – 65 OVR, Driving Layup 80, SF, PF, C

Floater Specialist – 65 OVR, Driving Layup 70, PG, SG, SF

Fundamental – Any OVR

Long Athlete – 65 OVR, Driving Layup 70

J. Crawford – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

S. Curry – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

G. Gervin – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 70

J. Harden – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

K. Irving – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

L. James – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

M. Jordan – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF

B. Simmons – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 70

R. Westbrook – 70 OVR, Driving Layup 80, PG, SG, SF