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How To Draft More Players with Hidden Development - Madden 21 Franchise Rebuild And Drafting Tips
1/25/2021 5:22:16 PM

In this tutorial, it's not going to be a rebuild or any of my normal franchises, we're going to try to give you some tips on how to do better in rebuilds. Most general questions getting asked are what playbooks are the best, and the experience of sliders, and how to draft better. so in this guide, we're going to talk about how to do better in rebuilds.

#1 Rebuild Settings

Normally we go with a custom coach, most people choose the motivator one because it helps trades a little bit more. Then change the name and no need to change anything else with the coach, keep the basic face whichever one it starts with. then we'll go into the league settings, turn off the coach firing mode, injury mode, and pre-existing injury mode. minimum roster size turned off as well, so we can trade with the roster under 46 if we need it to be, that's easier to have off. quarter length turned up to 15 minutes. You can have weekly training on auto, to get that extra experience for all the focus players. tutorial pop-ups put on off, that saves some scouting points. like the first week, you can scout because if you have it on, it'll always go ahead and scout like the top prospect to give you an idea of how to scout. and then auto progress players we turn on as well. the maximum users usually put it to one, so nobody else can join. 

#2 Trade Center

Next up, let’s go into some trades, that's the next most important thing. For instance, running backs are very valuable in this game, most teams have at least yellow interest on any running back. so there you go that's a really easy way to get a first-round draft pick, what you normally look for as the baseline is two green interest players will be able to get you a first-round draft pick from any team. However, there are some exceptions. In some teams you can't get their first-round draft pick with only two green interest players, meanwhile, in some teams, you don't even need two, you can get it with one green and then one yellow. But as a baseline, two green interest players will get you a first-round draft pick for the most part. the linebackers in this game also progress very well as long as they're young. you can make any linebacker into a Superstar X Factor one day. on the other hand, interior offensive linemen have almost no value. defensive tackles also have a good bit of value.

In conclusion, the basic rule for trading in Madden 21 is two green interest players for a first-round draft pick, always keep that in mind and then three green interest players is a good benchmark to get most players. 

#3 Playbook

Now let’s go over the playbooks. For the scheme fit, you can go with whatever the highest percentage is. and the offensive playbook, the Tennessee Titans Mike Vrabel offensive playbook has always been really good. and then defensively, the best possible record is the Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski defensive playbook in a 4-3. 

#4 Depth Chart

The most important piece of the depth chart is your specialist tab. so these dictates were a lot of your players are going to be playing most of the time. make sure you have the players you want to start at each of these positions. 

Slot corner, if you draft a rookie cornerback, you can place them here. because slot usually makes them have a lot of tackles and interceptions. both of those could potentially make the player go up in development traits. 

Sub linebacker is incredibly important. the player who you want to progress to be in these specialist positions so like a rookie linebacker would throw at the number one sub linebacker spot.

The slot receiver is potentially the most important position because slot receivers get a ton of targets and a ton of catches in simulation. at least with the Titans offensive playbook. so that's why we can normally progress like two receivers very well, the number one receiver and the slot receiver.

Power back and third-down running back. these don't seem super important to me we feel like your power back will get a lot of the goal line handoffs so maybe they can like move some touchdowns so if you want like maybe a backup running back to progress kind of well maybe that's where you can throw them but also this is going to be important so that's kind of it for the specialist tab but this is going to be important so 

Sidenote: Low overall running backs never play well. Miles Sanders isn't a bad running back in real life, he plays pretty well for the Eagles. But he plays terribly in simulation. and running backs are usually really easy to trade for, so if you're looking to upgrade your offense immediately, you can get a 90 overall running back, it's usually really easy to do that.

And These are all the tips on draft more players with hidden development in Madden 21, and if you want to catch up with the latest update on Madden 21, make sure to check out our News section here at Utplay.com!