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Madden 21 Franchise Scouting And Drafting Tips - How To Draft Offensive Skill Position Players
1/25/2021 10:22:15 AM

We are here to help you get that very quick advantage in your Madden 21 franchise modes by giving you some very simple tips and tricks, that way you can utilize them in your drafts to dominate the game! and take over the off-season and relieve the rest of your leaks in the duster. if you're rebuilding, this is gonna be how to dominate your rebuilds and land the best players. For the examples of every position, we have used some of the top college football players at their respective positions, but we will also scout some of the random players to get an idea of testing these tips in live-action. so a lot of them are kind of carrying over from the knowledge we knew from the past Madden games. So here at Utplay.com,  we're giving you the general rules of thumb by position to identify, if you're going to be getting an absolute stud or if you should decide to pass on that player and he will end up being a bust. 

#1 Quarterbacks

Starting with the quarterback position, there are really two big indicators that you need to look for and as you can tell by this draft class you can't fall for the first one you want to look for at minimum and A grade for throw power. anything above an A grade is usually in the money. and now these ratings are always relative to the draft class, they're not relative to the NFL, so for example, an A-plus throw power is about the rest of the draft class, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. obviously, someone like Trevor Lawrence is going to be an all-pro, but the two indicators that will help you early on in delving into a quarterback if they're gonna be worth drafting or not is above in A in the throw power. and then when you scout them, you get that talent grade, you need to be at least third round or below, if it's anything past a third round, you're gonna be dealing with players that you don't know they could be above over 60 overall, they could be in the 50s, don’t mess with any quarterback that you scout that doesn't at least give you A grade throw power and is tested out as a third-round talent or better.

#2 Running Backs

Moving on to the running backs, we will be highlighting Chuba Hubbard - our Canadian brethren out of Oklahoma State. now for these skill positions, we have to value the combine report as well, and obviously, you won't get that until the off-season. so we will focus first on the skills that you get during the regular season, and for your running backs, ultimately a rule of thumb is no skills that you scout below B plus. if you get anyone that's B, B minus, you are playing with fire a little bit. if you want to keep it safe and want a for the sure thing at that running back spot, all of his skills need to be B plus or better. then when it comes to the combine report for the running backs, keep an eye on there are some very important drills: the 40-yard dash, 3cone, and 20-yard shuttle. that's been pretty consistent over the last couple of matters. but when you are looking at a running back, get a player that's top five in the 40 yards, 3 cones, and 20 yards and if he matches up well with the skills and the talent, he's going to be a franchise-type running back, three down type running back.

#3 Wide Receivers 

This is a position that in the last Madden game we felt like there were always a couple of great wide receivers, but they are always early. Because if you don’t have a top 10 pick, getting a legit game-changer at that wide receiver position. it's a little stingy if you need a wide receiver really bad, you're gonna have to invest a really high pick in them. So looking at wide receivers highlighted by Ja'Marr Chase out of LSU Tigers. the rule of thumb when you're scouting mid-season based upon his skills is you want no skill below a B minus. Ja'Marr has A catching, A-minus catching traffic, A-minus spectacular catch, Ja'Marr is probably going to be a top 10 pick in the 2021 draft. also when you see that talent grade, you want nothing lower than the third round. So as long as you're coming up third-round second-round first round in talent, feel free to draft them. now when it comes to the combine report, the three drills you want to pay attention to for a wide receiver are the 40, the three-cone, and the 20 yards. very similar to the running backs. but don't always completely rely on the combine report, you have to take a combination of the two and then make an informed decision. and other times, there's the inverse of a Ja'Marr, a player that's combine report is sensational, but his top skills are like B minuses and C pluses. So keep an eye on cases like this, players that combine report is really good and the skills aren't so hot, maybe worth the investment in a sixth seventh-round type pick.

#4 Tight Ends

Tight ends are next for the last of the offensive skill position players. for a lot of people, if there's one position that we do struggle to draft, it is a tight end. So maybe we can use this on the information. so going off of what we remember from the past Madden games and what we've been able to identify is pretty solid evidence of getting a good tight end prospect here in Madden 21. for the skills you want everything to be above a B minus. Anything B minus or above will be good when you're scouting those top skills, you also want third round or higher in terms of talent, you get beyond the third round unless it's maybe a blocking tight end. because blocking tight ends have unusual overalls. So kind of like the wide receivers, third round minimum, and no skill below a B minus. but when it comes to the combine report, there are two skills in particular that you want to keep an eye on. the 40-yard dash not as important for the tight end position as it was for the wide receivers and running backs, but you still want to identify the three-cone in the 20-yard shuttle. when it comes to scouting in Madden, those are the two most important drills across the board across all positions.


So that’s all for our Madden 21 franchise scouting and drafting tips for the offensive skill position players, and if you want to know more latest content on Madden 21, check out our news column!