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FIFA 21 Hybrid Squad Builder - 250K/500K Cheap Hybrid Overpowered FUT Team To Get More Wins
12/31/2020 5:40:12 PM

Want to build a squad featured a certain player you like? Want to own an overpowered and unstoppable team but won't cost too many FIFA coins? Here we introduce you 2 best Hybrid squad, respectively 250K and 500K, all cheap but overpowered, helping you get more wins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. They are not the top level FIFA 21 teams even convinced in the FUT 21 Weekend League, but they are best FIFA teams which can definitely help you take you up. Every players are on full chemistry, the 2 Hybrid FIFA 21 teams cover individual players in each position which can definitely help you out in certain areas of the filed. Now let’s get straight into it!

FIFA 21 Most Overpowered Best 500K Hybrid Squad/Team

Squad details

Formation/lineup: 4-3-2-1

Clubs: Real Madrid, Spurs, Sevilla FC, Manchester Utd

Leagues: La Liga, Premier League

Rating: 85

Chemistry: 90

Most Overpowered Best 500K Hybrid Squad

Player instructions - why should I pick them?

Lloris: A great goalkeeper with good rated, brilliant diving 89, good reflexes 90 and his handling 82 is also pretty decent. 

Varane: Very frequently used in different kinds of squads, because he is incredibly worthy for FUT coins, great defending stats make him one of the best choices for center back.

Mendy: Left back, pretty fast, a good attacker. He’s the most used players in for Champions.

Valverde: CM with 86 pace, 80 dribbling and 80 physicality. If you are looking for a box to box agile player, he is the man to go for. 

Kounde: Center back that has a RTTF card. This card is just for 40 or 45K with great 80 pace, 84 defending and 77 physicality. His shooting is really terrible but that’s not a big issue. 

Navas: A standard good RB with 87 pace, 83 dribbling and 80 defending. His attacking power is something that is pretty strong. 

Pogba: He can give you so many assists and goals with 81 shooting, 85 dribbling, 86 passing and 85 physicality. 

Sissoko: He is good in attack, good in defense and he is a man that is going to get your defensive line.

Rashford: He’s very quick, has amazing shooting to combine that with, plus his agility composure and finishing are outstanding as well, he is a perfect machine. 

Martial: He’s agile, quick at 89 pace, he can finish, he can dribble on 87 dribbling. 

Son: 88 pace, 86 shooting, 87 dribbling, he can definitely offer your some goals and assists.

Unstoppable Hybrid FIFA 21 Squad Builder 250K 

Squad details

Formation/lineup: 4-3-3(4)

Clubs: Manchester City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Spurs

Leagues: Premier League, La Liga

Rating: 84

Chemistry: 100

250K Hybrid squad builder

Player instructions - why should I pick them?

Ederson: His feet is really good with 88 reflexes, 93 kicking and 86 position. He can be very important catching those through balls. He’s about 43K.

Gomez: Great center back with 82 pace, 80 physicality, great strength and brilliant reactions. 

Wan-Bissaka: This is really a great defender with 90 sliding tackle. He’s very fast in the game, 84 acceleration, 88 sprint speed. 

Militao: His in-game stats are not perfect but still useful to this squad. He has 85 jumping, 85 stamina, 83 aggression and 82 interceptions. Only cost 1.6K.

Mendy: Left back, pretty fast, a good attacker. He’s the most used players in for Champions.

Valverde: CM with 86 pace, 80 dribbling and 80 physicality. If you are looking for a box to box agile player, he is the man to go for. 

Dembele: He completely filled with pretty dribbling and good pace. Cost about 7K.

Moura: He’s pretty tall for right winger and that makes him well harder to defend. He’s just so agile with super sub 92 pace, 87 dribbling.

Werner: He’s the Germany speedster, he’s great in the counter attack and great in every area of the game.

Havertz: He’s the man to link up the midfield with the attacking lineup, with his speed, he’s great in front of your defensive line. 

Sissoko: Center midfielder with great 89 physicality and 78 pace, 78 dribbling. 

These 2 best FIFA 21 Hybrid teams 500K and 250K all have perfect chemistry and high rating, including some top players, unstoppable and not very expensive, you can refer to them when you want to build a stronger FIFA team not much costly. You can build a 500K or higher value squad if you have enough FIFA 21 coins, and if you don't have many FIFA coins, maybe the 250K squad is a better option for you. This team is inexpensive, but very powerful. There are also many solid and overpowered FUT 21 teams have been built by other users on UTPLAY.