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NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips & Tutorial - How to Shoot in NBA 2K21 & Best Way to Shoot Greens
11/10/2020 5:03:03 PM

Have you mastered the revamped shooting mechanic in NBA 2K21? The varying effective area makes the requirements on the shooting operation is higher than in the past. It’s difficult to shoot greens every time, especially for beginners. Here we outline how to shoot in NBA 2K21, involves the best way to shoot, basic shooting options, common shooting controls, best shooting tips, and more. Make some adjustments and find the most suitable style for you to get more scores. 

How to Shoot in NBA 2K21 - What You Should Know Before Shooting

Before we head over to the best method to shoot in NBA 2K21, here are the basic operations and controls you should know about shooting. 

Put the ball in the basket: hold and release the Square button on PS4 or X button on Xbox One; pull back and release the right stick.

What is Shot Meter: in NBA 2K21, there are two ways to shoot by default, it’s timing your shot with the button and now aiming which you do by pulling the right stick down. When you shoot with buttons, a Shot Meter will appear above your head. NBA 2K21 has removed the green meter, this year, you don’t need to fill a bar until it’s full, but let go of the Pro Stick or shot button between a yellow marker that appears at different positions within the new bar. The position of the yellow marker will alter according to where you are on the court, the skill level of your player, and other factors. If you time it perfectly and other circumstances are good, you will flash green.

How to change the Shot Meter: go to the Options and choose Controller Settings, this is where you can change the Shot Meter, you can have the shot meter on or off, or change it to Free Throws Only. 

how to change shot meter in 2k21

Shooting controls:

Jump Shot - Move and hold the right stick down then release, or hold Square then release.

Bank Shot - Move and hold the right stick up, and then release.

Spin Shot - Hold the right trigger and double tap Square.

Normal Layup - Move and hold the right stick up while driving.

Euro Step Layup - Move and hold the right stick up down left while driving with the ball in the right hand or double tap Square while driving while holding the left stick toward the off-hand.

Reverse Layup - Move and hold the right analog stick to the right while driving along the right baseline.

Cradle Layup - Move and hold the right stick down right while driving with a ball in the right hand or double tap Square while driving while holding the left stick toward the ball hand. 

Two-Hand Dunk - Hold the right trigger, and hold the right stick up while driving.

Dominant Dunk - Hold the right trigger, and hold the right stick left or right while driving to determine the dunking hand.

Flashy Dunk - Hold the right trigger, and hold the right stick down while driving.

Pump Fake - Tap Square, or quickly move and then release the right stick.

Hop Gather - Tap Square while dribbling with the left analog stick moving in either direction.

Step-Through - Pump fake, then hold right stick again before pump fake ends. 

How to Shoot in NBA 2K21 - NBA 2K21 Best Way to Shoot 

1. Turn Meter Off

Now, let’s get into the best way to shoot in NBA 2K21, that’s playing with the shot meter off. This not involves the new Shot Stick Aiming system and revert back to the timing-based shooting, whether you use the button or right stick with the timing shot meter, a way to adjust to the shot meter shooting jumpers is to increase the use of off-balance shots, as it slows the meter down for you as your player loads up to shoot with shot stick aiming which is pulling down on the right stick, you don’t have to time it. You can keep the stick held the entire time, or let it go as soon as you flick the right stick down, you will receive no penalty, you do get a boost if you aim and time your jumper. Earlier locking in your shot at the optimal time by pressing the left or right trigger. 

2. Shot Stick Aiming

The second way to shoot in NBA 2K21 is using the Shot Stick without the left or right trigger, so simply flicking the right stick down and try to aim.

3. Shot Stick Aiming + Left/Right Trigger

The biggest boost you can receive is using Shot Stick Aiming, which is holding the right stick down, then tapping the left or right trigger before you release the ball which locks your meter and prevents it from moving anywhere and doing this at the optimal point in your jumper.

Best NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips 

To shoot better in NBA 2K21, here are some tips that may be helpful. 

- Make sure to shoot in hot zones. Shooting from a hot zone or hot spot will increase the percentage of scoring, you can check your hot zone and use the Hot Zone Hunter badge to assist you. 

- Choose the right shooting badges. Best shooting badges in 2K21 including Difficult Shots, Green Machine, Hot Zone Hunter, and Range Extender. Check out NBA 2K21 best badges for defense, playmaking, and finishing on UTPLAY. 

- Apply the best jump shot. NBA 2K21 Jump Shot Creator provides an opportunity for players to customize their own jump shot from a different base, release 1 and 2. Best jumpshot in 2K21 is available here. 

- Understand Shot Stick Aiming and Shot Meter. Based on personal preference, you can choose to shoot using the shooting button or shot stick. Shot Stick Aiming can offer a higher shooting boost to your player’s shot percentage than without shot meter. However, the shot button is easier to learn and master, and suitable for the most moving shot and catch and shoot situations.

- Don’t force shots. Do not get into the habit of forcing shots when the change of it being a high percentage, be aware of your surroundings to then judge if you should do it.

- Off-ball movement. Getting you open to create an open target for passing and create space. 

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