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How to Earn VC in NBA 2K21 - Best Way to Get NBA 2K21 VC Easily
10/29/2020 2:43:25 PM

The NBA 2K21 MT points are used for purchasing players and packs inside MyTEAM, while the virtual currency in NBA 2K21 is required when upgrading your MyCareer player and buy things outside MyTEAM. When you need a ton of NBA 2K21 VC, how to earn VC in NBA 2K21 for free? Here are the recommended best ways to get VC in 2K21 fastly and easily.    

How to Earn VC in NBA 2K21 - Best Way to Get VC in 2K21

Want to know the fastest and best way to get VC in NBA 2K21? Here are several legit methods that can help you to earn NBA 2K21 VC easily and quickly in the game.

1. VC Pack

The first way to make VC in 2K21 is obvious, go to the OPTIONS/QUIT, choose "GET VC", there is a number of options of VC pack, including 5000 VC Pack, 15000 VC pack, and more, the most popular option is the 75,000 VC pack, pay for 50,000 you can get another 25,000 VC for free. If you don’t want to spend much time on the game, this is a good choice for you. With these VC, you can get a few attributes on your player.  

2. Daily Spin

There is a bunch of daily things you can do, to get some quick NBA 2K21 VC, you can try the Daily Spin in Jeff's 2K Arcade, when you go into Jeff's 2K Arcade, there are some daily spin wheels you could spin each day pretty much, all the wheels are in use, there are actually six different VC options, so if you land on one of those you can get like double VC or you could just get like a couple of thousand VC from this wheel. When you hit superstar one, you get to spin the wheel twice, and then when you hit elite, you unlock the Elite wheel which will give you the chance to get more VC on the wheel and even a bonus where you could get like a million VC or 500,000 VC.

3.  Daily Pick ‘EM

Still, in Jeff's 2K Arcade, there is a Daily Pick ‘EM. Predict winners for each day of the NBA schedule to win NBA 2K21 VC and more awesome rewards. Sometimes when you start to play it, it shows OFFSEASON on the screen, check back next season, once that starts up there gonna be all of the NBA games on the little screen.

4.  2KTV

2KTV is an easy way to earn VC fast in 2K21. There are trivia questions that appear on each episode of 2KTV, you can answer questions and each correct answer will reward you an extra 200 VC, the episodes aren’t long, usually around 15 minutes each, with the questions appearing as your game is loading. Figure out the answers in advance you can get these VC easily. 


5. MyCAREER games

Another daily thing you can do for earning VC in 2K21 is the daily bonus in The Neighborhood. The daily objective just resets every day and it's just usually a pretty easy challenge for like a few thousand VC. For example, make 10 corner 3PT field goals while playing MyCAREER games including NBA, Playground, Pro-Am, and Cages, you can get 2000 VC. 

6. Play Now Online

The Play Now Online mode is a money-making method outside MyCAREER, choose a team and play against someone online to get more VC, every time you play, there are 400 VC guaranteed as long as you completed the game, while an extra 150 VC for the winner. 

7. Pro-Am

You can do this whenever you want, one of the best ways to earn VC in 2K21 is the 3v3 Pro-Am, after a 3v3 Pro-Am game, you got around 650 VC. When you first create your Pro-Am team, you are the lowest level, but you can rank up your team usually by winning, as you go higher up in the ranks, you get more VC per game. 

8. Play Next Game

This is an offline mode, you can’t do it with friends, but it gives a solid amount of VC, you may get a few hundred to a thousand VC each, when you start getting more playing time and get deeper into the season, you’ll get like close to 2000 VC per game. Note to go to the Settings and set the Game Difficulty as Pro and Quarter Length as 5 minutes. 


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