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Diablo 2 Resurrected Best 2.7 PoisonMancer Build - D2R Best Necromancer Build
5/18/2023 11:03:29 AM

A quick guide about the PoisonMancer build. Yesterday we got a nice Unraveller Head drop and remembered we had bone cancer that we don't use anymore. Decided to Undust him and the Poisonmnacer, we've been running Bowazons for the past year.

Never tried Sunders on this build, and since the Sunder takes up a PnB skilled, we thought ill use the Darkforce spawn and crafted Amy to reach the 75% FCR breakpoint and get the +1 we lost from using the extra skilled.

We replaced a Maras with the necro amy and Spirit with the Darkforce Spawn. The Dmg difference between both builds and sunder is around 500 min/max dmg from poison Nova. In case anyone was curious at some point. That being said, we lost +4 skills points for CTA, but we still get +12 for all skills.


Attributes & Stats

Strength: 171

Dexterity: 65

Vitality: 478

Energy: 65


The old build was the standard caster/Enigma Setup:

  • Shako

  • Maras

  • Spirit

  • Rare boots with +35 fire restis (to compensate Spirit)

  • 2 x Soj

  • Arachs

  • Trangs gloves (specific for this build)

  • Dweb (specific for this build)

The idea was to get all the D2R items that could be used also in a hammerdin and other caster type farmers, just needed to use HOTO, War Travs and Chancies for the other builds (hammerdin).



Even without sunders, this build is really strong. It can clear the whole game, whatever you dont kill with poison corps explosion kils it with your merc. Sunders actually made all builds able to clear everything actually. As for playstyle, you just tele, lower resist, poison nova, ce then repeat.


Guess you ask