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Best NBA 2k23 Build Demigod Small Forward Build - Based on Lebron James
9/9/2022 3:46:16 PM

Enter this LeBron James build in NBA 2K 23. If you haven't heard they added the bully badge, this is LeBron he bullies in the paint, he's strong and needs the bully badge so don't go for the minimum weight, if you start raising this, the strength reaches 80+, 90+, ball speed drops to 73, rather close to 80, if you drop this to 6'8, you can now get 89 strength and 78 ball speed.


Best NBA 2k23 Build Demigod Small Forward Build - Based on  Lebron James

Pull this wingspan to the max and you immediately see why wingspan has always been important in 2K, and this year especially when doing this model, a max wingspan will help, this is a regular season LeBron.

The first thing is the physical test, to have a very good physical test, obviously, in LeBron training, to have the speed advantage, to maximize it, to have the strength, to maximize it for endurance, to go to 95, vertical for players this year, over six-foot-five, if you're under six-foot-five to get small contact, you don't need 85, to get pro and elite contact for dunks, elite contact for dunks need a vertical of 82, and that's what it takes to do to make sure you save as many attributes as possible.

NBA 2k23  Small Forward Build

First, let's look at his key physical attributes.

Height: 6'8″

Weight: 236 lbs

Wingspan: 7'6”

Body Shape: Defined 


Speed: 25 - 82

Acceleration: 25 - 74

Strength: 25 - 89

Vertical: 25 - 75

Stamina: 25 - 95

Set your potential 


Attribute Starting Potential

Close Shot 25 85

Driving Layup 25 80

Driving Dunk 25 93

Standing Dunk 25 77

Post Hook 25 29


Attribute Starting Potential

Mid-Range Shot 25 79

Three-Point Shot 25 84

Free Throw 25 78


Attribute Starting Potential

Pass Accuracy 25 82

Ball Handle 25 89

Post Moves 25 77

Defense / Rebounding

Attribute Starting Potential

Interior Defense 25 49

Perimeter Defense 25 70

Steal 25 58

Block 25 47

Offensive Rebound 25

Defensive Rebound 29 32

Choose your takeover

Primary Moves: Finishing Moves

Secondary Takeover: Limitless Range 

With seasons this year, each season at level 39, you get plus one badge upgrade, will add badges, may redo this build later, after all the seasons have an extra 10 15 badges, can do a different version, you get four more badges, so you get four badge upgrades. 77 driving dunks will get you 21, you'll see the badge will be put on after this, works great, now max out your three-pointers, 84 three-pointers, somebody in the park with a low 83 shot, then get all the badges there will be 21 shooting badges, if you don't have a badge, agree with 84 three-pointers and 21 shooting badges, especially with the advantage in the paint, people will have to back off.

Maximum wingspan will be important because it helps a lot on defense, although without a lot of attributes, this is regular season LeBron, defense will not be very good, and there will be a perimeter of 70.

LeBron James Finishing Badges

Finishing Badges:



Green Machine(gold)



Cost 5(Bronze)

Slippery Off-Ball (Bronze)

Space Creator(Bronze)

Volume Shooter(Silver)

Guard Up(Silver)

Clutch Shooter(Silver)

Shooting Badges: 

Limitless Range(Bronze)

Catch& Shoot(Gold)



Bail out(Bronze)

Playmaking Badges:

Ankle Breaker(Silver)

Needle Threader(Silver)

Quick First Step(Gold)

Killer Combos(Gold)

Clamp Breaker(Gold)

Handle For Days(Silver)



Defense/Rebounding Badges: 

Chase Down Artist (Bronze)


Aerial Wizard (Bronze)


Even if you can get it, you can't equip it now. Take out a key stop when needed, now it's LeBron, have to have the right to chase these things down, take this up to 47, it just happens to be the perfect level to unlock the bronze chase artist, which is a version that if you want to have a little bit more defense and still be offensively dominant, can play with people who do specific builds, teammates who would be good rebounders, good defenders and spot-up shooters, which is the benefit of people wanting to play with you, but you might play with random people or other people that maybe you want to be able to rebound a little bit and you want to do other things, so drop your close-range shots to 82, drop your standing dunks to 54. you can't go any lower because you'll lose your driving dunks, and if you go any lower, you can go as low as 48, but want to get the 17th badge This will get you the gold 3 badges, so you have to go to 54, that's why you can't go any lower, now since you did that, you can raise your rebound to seconds.

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