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NBA 2K23 Build System & Badge Tier System Guide - Best MyPlyaer Build Making Tips (Next & Current Gen)
9/7/2022 11:40:43 AM

With this guide, we're going to give you some key tips and some major changes you want to look out for when making your first build in NBA 2K23, covering the new badge tier system and new attribute features. 

NBA 2K23 Build System & Badge Tier System Guide

Key Tips & Changes of NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder

You have to do our due diligence in the MyPlayer builder ourselves before making your build, so definitely you should know the below key tips and major changes in the NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder!

TIP 1 - Brand New Badge Tier System To Build Up Your Player

Now there are 16 badges in each category with 8x tier 1 badge to choose from 4x tier 2 badges and then 4x tier 3 badges. In order to unlock the tier 3 badges, you'll need at least 10 badge points invested in that specific category in either tier 1 or tier 2 before you can even look at tier three. Tier 3 badges cost so much that, even the bronze level of any badge in that section costs five badge points, so they really make you specialize into a category if you want the best badges even at the lower level. 

NBA 2K23 Badge Tier System

Badge Cost Are the Same for Each Tier

Unlike last year in 2K22, badges will not get cheaper with the more attributes that you put into them, now we made this quick handy chart to show you how much each badge costs in the different tiers. These badge costs remain the same for each tier and not for each specific badge, for example a tier 3 Hall of Fame badge will always cost 8 points no matter what or how much you have invested in those particular attributes. If you remember last year, you know if you increased certain attributes, those badge point costs would go down. This year, it's not like that. 

NBA 2K23 Badge Cost For Each Tier

No Attribute Threshold To Equip Bronze Badge in Tier 1

Another interesting thing this year and we don't know yet how well it works but there's no attribute threshold to equip a bronze badge in your tier 1 categories, we don't know how well tier 1 badges will work and we do believe you'll need to supplement those badges with their respective attributes for them to actually be effective. And that's something we'll definitely be looking forward to test and that's going to be the best and most valuable bronze badges which we'll definitely get to eventually.

Better To Target HOF Badges in Tier 1/2 

Another great tip to consider is that for categories that you may not put too many attributes in, it may be a good idea to target a tier 1 or tier 2 badge, where you can get it to the hall of fame. Of course, try and aim for a badge that fits your play style, but this will allow you to get a hall of fame badge for free when you make it a core badge. You can get a free badge in NBA 2K23 for each category.

NBA 2K23 Badge Tier Guide 1

Certain Badges Can Be In Different Tiers Depending On Your Build Setup

The last point on the new badge system is that there are certain badges that can be in different tiers depending on how you make your build, so there are some tier 3 badges that can also be bumped down to tier 2 depending on the way you construct your build, we're still trying to figure out the logic behind everything. But play around with the builder and it could be possible that you can manipulate this to your advantage, because you may be able to change your build around to get a tier 3 badge into tier 2 which will, of course, cost fewer badge points. 

And while we're on the subject of saving badge points this brings us to the next major thing that you need to know about the badge system for NBA 2K23 builder.

TIP 2 - Pick Core Badge for Your Build

NBA 2K23 will include the addition of the brand new core badge feature, this core badge system essentially gives you one free badge per category, and ideally, you'd like to core one of your most expensive badges because those are obviously valuable badge points you'll be saving to spend elsewhere. Now you're able to core any badge in any tier at any level as long as you have it unlocked with the right attribute threshold and enough badge points in that category. It doesn't always have to be a tier 3 badge either even though they're typically the most expensive, for example, the hall of fame tier 2 badge still costs more than a bronze tier 3 badge, so just be aware of these things to help optimize your badge points. There is a catch to the core badges, however, the only way to get the benefits of these core badges is by doing challenges or quests to unlock that badge to record.

NBA 2K23 Build System - Core Badge

TIP 3 - Each Attribute Tie Into Other Attributes

The last major difference in the builder from NBA 2K22 to 2K23 that you need to pay attention to is that we noticed each attribute is tied into many other attributes. When you make your build, you're going to find it very hard to make a demi-god build this year because the attributes that matter the most are sometimes tied into up to 8 or more other attributes. For example, as you raise your ball handle attribute, the first attribute that goes up with it, Speed with Ball, and to increase just these two your ball handle and speed with ball attributes alone, it's going to cost a decent amount of your total overall, but that's not it right, your ball handle is also tied to Driving Layup, Speed, Pass Accuracy, Acceleration, even Close Shot and then it goes perimeter defense vertical and stamina all in that order. These attributes are weighted in a way where it's going to be really hard to find a super well-rounded build right away.

NBA 2K23 Build System - Attributes

If you're worried about dribbling and stamina as a guard, you might need that 99 ball handle to unlock handles for days on the hall of fame. It also might be essential to note that if you want a 99-speed with the ball, you'll automatically be an 85 overall without touching any of the other attributes. 

Similar to the 2K22 builder, attributes are not solo, they are heavily connected and are affected by height weight wingspan. While wingspan does not affect your ball handle if you are 6'10" and below this year, if you are 6'11" and taller, wingspan does affect your ball handle, so that is something great for the players who don't want to make taller ball handler - you can still have good ball handle rating even with a maxed out wingspan. 

More Badge & Attribute Tips for Creating Your First Build in NBA 2K23

Here are a couple of brief tips to help make your first build in NBA 2K23 Season 1:

  • The new badge system is completely overhauled and it's going to be tough to get all the badges you want, so make sure you meet the thresholds of the ones that you plan on using the most for your play style and build, and that includes badges in tier 1, 2 and 3. Don't just try to target the tier 3 badges.

  • Make sure that when you're choosing your dunk attribute, you'll want to meet these certain attribute thresholds if you're looking for contact dunks or quick drops, etc. This is very similar to last year with a few minor changes, so be sure to double-check and make sure you meet those requirements. This also ties into the point above where that skill dunks or the meter dunks from last year actually feel much more consistent with the brand new meter, so if you like dunking it could be even more fun this year.

  • Badges in NBA 2K23 all cost the same amount of points within each tier no matter what and keep in mind that the cheapest tier 3 badge is of course bronze which still costs 5 badge points, so these tier 3 badges are definitely going to  cost you

  • One of the most interesting MyPlayer changes is the core badge feature which allows you to equip one badge per category for free, but it does require a specific quest or challenge for that specific badge to unlock it. now

  • It feels like 2k actually made weight and strength matter this year and we suggest playing around with your player's weight instead of always going to the minimum for the max speed as it seems that the pros outweigh the cons when you're adding weight to your player. Strength also matters this year and is at the very least important for getting the brand new bully badge it's the only attribute to unlock this badge and you're going to need at least a 95 strength to get a hall of fame bully, so that badge could be crazy something to look out for. This honestly could be the year of the role player and you'll definitely see a lot more team basketball with the way, these attributes are weighted especially with the addition of the adrenaline boost.

Hope our NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Build Guide will help you make the best build to start season 1, if you need cheap NBA 2K23 MT for building up your MyTeam, welcome to check out our offer!


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