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GW2 Best Builds For Solo & Grinding 2022 - Guild Wars 2 Open World PVE Builds Tier List
6/23/2022 5:00:26 PM

Having trouble selecting a build in Guild Wars 2? All build that we made for open-world has the potential for soloing legendary bosses in Guild Wars 2. In this Guild Wars 2 PvE builds tier list, we share the best open-world PvE build 2022.


Guild Wars 2 Best Builds Tier List 2022 - Best GW2 Solo & Grinding Classes For PVE

Keep in mind the goal of GW2 best builds ranking is to provide a solid build that allows you to play the class that you like to do open-world content with ease. Since the open world is not only for soloing but also grinding, we decided to make two separate lists, the GW2 best solo build tier list, and GW2 best grind build tier list to explain the potential of each build in terms of soloing and grinding.


GW2 Best Solo Builds Tier List For PVE

S Tier - Scourge, Renegade

A Tier - Soul Beast, Mirage, Deadeye

B Tier - Weaver, Hollow Smith

C Tier - Spellbreaker,

D Tier - Firebrand


GW2 Best Grinding Builds Tier List For PVE

S Tier - Renegade

A Tier - Firebrand, Scourge

B Tier - Soul Beast, Mirage, Spellbreaker, Deadeye

C Tier - Weaver, Hollow Smith


1.Soul Beast

Soul beast is the best Guild Wars 2 ranger build for open build pve.

Solo: The soul beast can deal huge amount of damage since it can reach to 3 000 condition damage, because its ability to merge with the pits to get more stats. Soul beast can sustain itself while infecting poisons or by protection that you get after each dodge, also it can reduce the damage up to 99% thanks to doliac stands and protection. The idea of using daggers instead of the short bow is because the amount of condition damage and the duration of daggers is almost double the amount and short bow kills. So the build is very tanky, nice amount of damage, and healing. So we put it in a rank for solo.

Grinding: The soul beast has a decent amount of medium-range aoes, torch 5, f2, and f3. We advise you if you're going to grind with a zirc swap the licker stance with the flame trap for extra aoe damage with a low cooldown. Since soul beasts focus it on melee attacks, it won't be able to hit all mobs all the time, because of the cooldowns in his aoes skills. So we decided to put it in b rank for Grind.


2. Firebrand

Firebrand is the best Guild Wars 2 guardian build for open world pve.

Solo: The firebrand sadly got tons of sustained nerves for the past two years and reworks. You have to go full offense straight line in order to get decent damage. But in return, you will have no sustain, except your main healing skill that can heal you only once every 25 seconds which is not ideal for swallowing since making a mistake will be punishable. So we decide to make a power build to provide extra sustain and more toughness and to reduce the cooldown on healing a skill. The power fire brand have a decent amount of damage that can kill legendary bosses along with a lot of candy removal and breaking stuns mighty stacks and quickness for fastic leaves. But since power damage can be reduced by protection and weakness and the firebrand doesn't have the ability to strip boons in order to do decent damage. We put it in d-rank on this GW2 best pve builds tier list.

Grinding: The firebrand have really amazing potential in grinding since it can refresh the cooldown of his f1 skill, tome of justice every time a mob die. Mean you you can almost spam your f1 skill while grinding an open world with a zerg. The f1 skill deal with range damage that allows you to hit all mobs for looting and resetting your f1 every time a mob dies. And every time you use your f1 skill, you grant yourself a quickness and we advise you to swap the utility skill smite condition with a sword of justice for extra more range weak leaves. So firebrands can deal a nice amount of cleave damage supporting his allies with his mantras and perma quickness.


3. Mirage

Mirage is the best Guild Wars 2 Mesner build for open word pve.

Solo: The mirage is the easiest build to play with in the really strong one. The mirage can provide you perma-25 might, protection, region, vigor, permaflect, damage reduction, and summon clones, all that by only pressing the dodge button. Not only that by dutch you unlock mirage ability which is mirage cloak that change your number one skill to a new scale called chaos vortex, which it is your main damage that infect bleeding torment and burning and granting might and fury. Every time you dodge your clones also cast a chaos vortex. So all you have to do is a spam dodge and press one the rest of the skills are only to provide an uptime protection vigor and sustain. That's why we decided to put mirage in a rank.

Grinding: Mirage skill can hit up to 10 mobs on its path with the heavy condition damage. The only negative part about mirage clones is when you summon a clone after a dodge. The clone attacks the closest mob instead of your target. Once a mob dies, the clone dies with it. Since we need uptime clones to spam chaos vortex in order to reach 25 stacks of might, it will be hard to keep up the stacks while clones die. So mirage cannot control his clone's attacks and can't keep them up all the time when a mob died. So we decide to put mirage in b rank.


4. Spellbreaker

Spellbreaker is the best Guild Wars 2 warrior build for open world pve.

Solo: The spellbreaker is the best Guild Wars 2 build that can deal a huge amount of power damage and the more you hit, the more mites you generate. So it's easy to reach 25 mites and every time you generate a might you also heal yourself. What makes a spellbreaker better than berserker is the ability to shrip boons. Unlike firebrand, the spellbreaker can strip boons by using his f2 skill the full counter or by using his cc utility skill kick also when a spellbreaker stir bones from a flow, it infects more damage to them and generates a dps buff call attack in sight that gives more power damage and critical damage. But since legendary bosses and some champions have a passive amount of toughness, they can still reduce a portion of power damage. So we decided to put warrior in c rank.

Grinding: the spellbreaker have a nice quick melee aoe cleaves that can hit up to 3 to 5 targets depend on the skill. If you're going to grind, we advise swapping the utility skill kick with the brake enchantments to deal more medium range and heavy airy damage with the short cooldowns. So since the spellbreaker can cleave mobs with a decent speed and with short cooldowns, spellbreaker is in b rank on this Guild Wars 2 best builds rankings.


5. Weaver

Weaver is the best Guild Wars 2 elementalist build for open world pve.

Solo: The weaver can infect a huge amount of burning damage that allows you to kill hero points champions in less than a minute. The weaver has a decent defensive skills that allow you to avoid and reflect involve or block incoming damage for a decent time. The only negative part about the weaver his only sustained skill is the healing skill in the elite scale, the ice elements. The ice element can be interrupted while casting his healing skill, so it's hard to keep up the heal while dealing damage as a weaver against legendary bosses. So we decide to put weaver in b rank.

Grinding: All weaver burning skills is a merely weak leaf. Just like a spellbreaker,  the only difference is the weaver cannot sustain itself like a spellbreaker when dealing damage. So it will be hard to keep up cleaving while taking damage from random mobs, so weaver will be in c rank.


6. Deadeye

Deadeye is the best Guild Wars 2 thief build for open-world pve.

Solo: Deadeye is one of the heaviest single target damage that can deal a huge amount of damage on its targets while staying in range. With an uptime boon and uptime condition damage, it also can reduce the market target damage up to 86%. It has seven sources of healing, a bunch of mobile skills. The only negative part about deadeye is making a mistake and the rotation is punishable. So it's required practice with malice rotation. But once you get used to it, you can easily sow legendary in champion bosses, so we decide to put it in a rank.


Grinding: Sadly, deadeye is focusing its damage on the market target only. This means it cannot generate masses from any mobs except the marked one and it doesn't have any aoe. The same thing goes for the pistol, it can't pierce targets unless you use pierce trades that will result to reduce your damage. If you're going to use the die to grind, swap your utility skill, roll for initiative with the prepared thousand needles for heavy aoe condition damage. But still the lake of cleaves will result to poor aoe damage, so we are going to put deadeye in d rank.


7. Scourge

Scourge is the best Guild Wars 2 necromancer build for open world pve.

Solo: The scourge is basically a brain dead build with no specific rotation that can deal huge amount of range condition damage, tons of barriers. It can heal itself by converting 10% of the damage to healing. It can generate a lot of life force, reducing damage and converting enemy boons to conditions. It also can spread his shades to 3 different locations including the scourge location to deal more aoe condition damage on those locations. Its range attack cannot be reflected since they are not projectiles. The only negative part about the scourge is that some legendary bosses, can reduce scourge damage resulting to reduce healing. But still, that kind of boss is really rare to encounter. So we decided to put scourge in s rank.

Grinding: Scourge can spread his shades to hit many mobs in different locations at the same time. Every time a mob dies, you generate life force to deal more damage. If you're going to grind as a scourge, swapping your utility skill desiccate to epidemic to spread more candy weak leaves. So we are going to put scourge in a rank.


8. Hollow Smith

Hollow smith is the best Guild Wars 2 engineer build for open world pve.

Solo: Hollow smith just like weaver can affect heavy burning damage and can sustain itself with a decent amount of healing every time it leaves photon forge. With the perma protection to reduce the incoming damage. The only negative part about hollow smith making a mistake in the rotation or overheating is really punishable and it might kill you. So it's requires practice and focus on rotation and heat couch. So we decide to put it in b rank.

Grinding: some hollow smith skills are not aoe and they have a small radius. So he is a c on this GW2 build tier list.


9. Renegade

Renegade is the best Guild Wars 2 revenant build for open world.

Solo: Renegade is the strongest build in GW2. It can easily out be a sync scourge with a huge amount of torment damage that can reach up to 50 stacks with 25 might and 25 vulnerability. Which leads you to kill the hardest legendary bosses and less than 5 minutes. It has short cooldowns, it can hit itself to full hp while dealing damage alongside with really heavy cc that can break legendary brake bar in 1 to 2 minutes easily. So speed-killing big amount of healing and heavy crowd controls and access to melee and range which makes renegade an s tier Guild Wars 2 build.

Grinding: All renegade skills are weak leaves and the radius of its utility skills is huge. The more mobs you damage, the more healing you receive and can generate 15 to 25 mites to allies alongside alacrity. If you go into ground mobs, we advise you to swap your trade line and renegade all for one with a heart piercer to allow all your short bow skills, to pierce targets to hit up to 5 targets, and to increase your bleeding damage by 25%. So tons of heavy a we


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