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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team- New Ones To Watch Coming (FUT 22 OTW)
8/19/2021 4:48:45 PM

EA will start to reveal more and more information about the ultimate team over the next month and to release the top 100 highest rated rare gold players within FIFA 22, they'll also start to reveal information about different types of OTW cards coming, now EA is starting to tease new Ones To Watch players.


OTW design-New Ones To Watch cards coming to FIFA 22

With the release of a new FUT, there's always new cards that EA release, the new Heroes cards but now we've had confirmation of FIFA 22 Ones To Watch. What does OTW mean? OTW meaning the latest high-profile transfer. They are considered to have a significant potential influence on the new teams they join and will receive OTW cards in FIFA 22 UT.

These types of cards are a massive part and beginning of any new FIFA and they can be used throughout the whole year and not only using these players within your team to play matches to get FIFA coins but they can also be used for trading whichever type of player you are, you can benefit from these cards at the beginning of FIFA 22. 

Once OTW cards are given to players who have recently transferred clubs typically, it's normally one of the top five major leagues being Premier league, Syria league, Bundesliga, and La Liga in FIFA 21. There is only one exception to this rule, this is Blaise Matuidi who plays within the MLS but did get a one-to-one card during FIFA21. It is high-profile players transferring between the major leagues with that said not every single high-profile player that's been transferred with this most recent transfer window will get an OTW card the players that get want to watch cards are handpicked by EA.

This could be decided based on a business factor or just a gameplay factor, whether or not players are going to use them throughout the year, what makes these types of cards special is that they are automatically upgraded depending, whether or not that player has a very good real-life performance and if they do get a team league or Mana match within the game 

At the beginning of FIFA 22 when these one-to-watch cards are first released, they will have the exact same rating as the rare gold version, they will be completely identical cards the only difference is the cards in which they're placed on, you'll have one to watch though and you'll have the rare gold version, but what makes the one-to-one cards worth buying into. If that specific player performs very well during the week and they managed to get an upgraded version of their card with the team in a week.

The OTW card will continue to upgrade and it will match the exact stats on that inform or that mana match card, it should also be said that it is only specific to these teams in a week and Mana match cards. it doesn't count if this player gets a teammate a year or a team in the season so when we go through the list of potential players that could get one to watch cards later. You might be quick to think that a certain player is very easy going to get a teammate a year, this will likely lead them to have a higher 98 or even a 99 rated card, but this has no effect on the OTW card itself because wanted watches are based on Mana matches and team the weeks only. 

As also briefly mentioned it's not just about the players rating and using them within your team, you could use these for trading at the beginning of the year, when they are first implemented into packs, this is a very good time for you to snag a very good deal, you can buy them and sell them and trade them during that week, or you could use them as investments and this is probably the best thing to do.

With these types of investments, you do need a bit of luck because many things can happen,  the player can get injured which prevents him from playing and prevents him from getting the team in a week card, he can even transfer to a completely different club, these are just the risks that you'll take on if you were to invest with this one to watch players.

OTW predications-Ones To Watch Players Potential Cards

1. Alaba, this one has already been confirmed by EA to be an OTW card, he is the only one that's being confirmed and he's been used to show that they're coming for FIFA 22 and also the new card designer will be included.

2. Lionel Messiis a free transfer from Barcelona to PSG. This one has to happen for FIFA 22. it's also very similar to what we had in FIFA 19 when Ronaldo transferred between real Madrid all the way to Juventus, he did manage to go and get a one-to-one card. So it only makes sense that Messi gets one.

3. Romelu lukaku who transferred for 115 million euros or 97.5 million pounds from inter Milan to Chelsea.

4. Jack Grealish who transferred from Aston Villa to Man City for a price tag of a hundred million pounds, is a player that performed very well throughout the previous season and also did very well within the Euros for the time that he had played.

5. Jaden Sancho who transferred from Borussia Dortmund to Man United for the price tag of 85 million pounds, sticking with Man United, 

6. Raphael Varane who transferred from real Madrid to Man United for price tag reporting in 41 million, including add-ons going on from Varane.

7. Sergio Ramos, Ramos has now transferred from real Madrid to PSG. Ramos being a centre-back will be a great player within FIFA 22. Sticking to PSG again, 

8. Hakimi being a great OTW player that you could have bought within FIFA 21, he was an example of a player that continued to go up in value as the year went on now, he's transferred from into Milan all the way to PSG giving himself a chance again to get another one to watch card.

9. Memphis Depay who transferred between Leon to Barcelona on a free transfer.

10. Sergio Aguero who transferred from Man City to Barcelona also being a free transfer now.

But so far they have been the biggest transfers for this transfer window with the likes of Messi, he's going to get a one to watch as he will be a great money maker for EA and there's a very good chance he's going to be getting quite a few informs next year, making him a player that's definitely going to be usable but for the rest of the players, even though they are very high profile transfers, it just comes down to EA of whether or not they're going to select them.


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