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FIFA 21 Updated 433(4) Custom Tactics & Instructions - Best 433(4) Squad Builder In FUT 21
8/12/2021 5:24:05 PM

The FIFA 21 433(4) was one of the best formations last year in FIFA. we haven’t been paying a lot of attention recently. so it’s the perfect time to give this formation a go once again. this formation is very good for someone who wants to play quite attacking FIFA, if you don't care about your results, this is a fun formation to use because you can create so many opportunities and score a lot of goals, not necessarily conceded a few, but chances did get given to my opponents, but generally the 433(4) formation is a super OP formation.


FIFA 21 433(4) Formation Squad Builder - Best Squad Builder In FUT 21

433(4)Player Lists

Lev Yashin - GK - 95

Luke Shaw - LB - 89

Virgil van Dijk - CB - 96

Aaron Wan-Bissaka - CB - 92

Trent Alexander-Arnold - RB - 94

Michael Ballack - CM - 92

Radja Nainggolan - CM - 93

Ciro Immobile - CAM - 94

Lorenzo Insigne - LW - 94

Hirving Lozano - RW - 92

Cristiano Ronaldo - ST - 98


FIFA 21 433(4) Best Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactic

    Defensive Style: Balanced

    Width: 4 Bar

    Depth: 7 Bar

Offensive Tactic

    Offensive Style: Fast Build Up

    Width: 10 Bar

    Player In Box: 6 Bar

    Corners: 1 Bar

    Free Kicks: 1 Bar


Defensive Analysis:

In terms of the tactics, these are the tactics that we ended up settling on. defensive style on balance or press after possession loss. it is a successful tactic and can cause your opponent some damage. although it can be very effective, but when against good players, they would figure out how to play against it. and balanced are more stable, it worked very well. defensive width you can set on four if you like to play quite narrow with these wing formations. because you're a little bit open, most people don't cross the ball. so it’s okay to be a little bit narrower on the wings. but if you like to have a little bit more width, you can go up to around about six. depth wise, it’ll works well on seven for this formation. because you're playing attacking FIFA and you're playing on the front foot, so you may as well play with a high depth. it's going to force your opponent to potentially give up the ball quite easily. you want to win the ball higher up the pitch without playing on a press. to do that, you need to play on a slightly higher depth. there are a lots of fast defenders nowadays, so you can afford to play a little bit higher up.


Offensive Analysis:

Offensive style on fast build up works extremely well for this formation. if you're someone who's plays fast and quick and recycles the ball pretty well. this formations  have the cam, striker, and mids quite close together, works well in two flat midfielders a cam and a striker, they’ll link up very well. they're your primary goal scorers in this formation. offensive width should set on 10. plays it wide will stretch your opponents out really well and it works super good. if you create lots of space and it works extremely well. a lot of people don't like playing like this and because they find that sometimes you can be left open in the midfield, that is very true. but if you are confident in the way you defend, then you can have a few less players back defending and still manage to cope. maybe against a elite player, you'd struggle a little bit. but if you're not someone who's bothered about wins and losses and results and want to have fun, then these tactics will work super well for you.


FIFA 21 4-2-2-2 Best Player Instructions

Winger Instructions

Defensive Support - Basic Defence Support (Default)

Chance Creation - Balanced Width (Default)

Support Runs - Get In Behind

Support on Crosses - Balanced Crossing Runs

Interceptions - Normal Interception (Default)


Striker Instructions

Support Runs - Balanced Width (Default)

Attacking Runs - Mixed Attack (Default)

Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

Defensive Support - Basic Defence Support (Default)


Attacking Mid. Instructions

Defensive Support - Basic Defence Support (Default)

Support on Crosses - Get Into The Box For Cross

Positioning Freedom - Free Roam

Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)


Central Mid. Instructions

Attacking Support - Balanced Attack (Default)

Support on Crosses - Stay On Edge Of The Box For Cross

Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

Positioning Freedom - Stick To Position (Default)

Defensive Position - Cover Center


Full Back Instructions

Attacking Runs - Balanced Attack (Default)

Interceptions - Normal Interception (Default)

Run Type - Overlap


Goalkeeper Instructions

Saving on Crosses - Comes For Crosses

Saving Outside Box - Sweeper Keeper


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