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NBA 2K21 Best Post Scorer Build Next Gen - Overpowered Center Post Scorer Build 2K21
5/7/2021 4:16:10 PM

A post scorer is a player back to the basket, usually has big size, great strength, and outstanding offensive attributes, what’s the NBA 2K21 best post scorer build for next gen? If you want to customize a powerful center, here is an NBA 2K21 post scorer build created by Dignify2K, it's a traditional center type of build with good attacking and defensive abilities, allowing you to be a more efficient scorer. 

NBA 2K21 Best Post Scorer Build Next Gen - Most Overpowered Center Post Scorer Build 2K21

This build can maneuver in the post very well, it's also going to be able to hit the three-pointer, the mid-range, the post hop shots, the fades, and all that kind of stuff, so basically this is going to be a definite build that you want to make if you want to play in the post. This build is an offensive juggernaut, it's going to be crazy down low, it can rebound, it could box out and it can still play a great interior type of defense while being able to shoot, if you're looking for an actual big man center type of roll that can score the basketball and still play defense, this is gonna be the perfect build for you. How to make this post scoring build? Let’s get into the details. We have built a 2-way 3-level scorer, shades of Dikembe Mutombo, Hassan Whiteside, Clint Capela. 


Body Settings

Starting it off, we went with 7’1” height and weighing at 252 lbs with a 7’3” wingspan, the reason he left the weight at 252 is in order to get 99 strength once the overall reach 99. We went 7’3” wingspan so as to get a higher mid-range but you can also go higher. 

Height: 7’1”

Weight: 252 lbs

Wingspan: 7’3”

Body Shape: Built


Firstly, upgrade everything in your physicals, but you are seven foot one, so your speed is not going to be insane, if you are playing threes or twos, this build is gonna be very dominant on the twos, this is what you want to do, go ahead and max that out. Then for the close shot, put it at 91, if we take it down, it’s going to affect your rise up, your pullback, if you want to do deep hooks or if you want to do hook shots, generally, the close shot is definitely needed. We are also going to max out our standing dunk, so we’ll have a 99 standing dunk once we hit 99 overall. Put your post control at 95, we are going to be dominant in the post.  

Finishing: Close Shot - 91, Standing Dunk - 95, Post Control - 95

Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 85, Three-Point Shot - 83

Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 90, Steal - 26, Block - 95, Offensive Rebound - 87, Defensive Rebound - 93

Physicals: Speed - 60, Acceleration - 55, Strength - 95, Vertical - 69, Stamina - 91

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Primary: Post Shot Daggers

Secondary: Limitless Range


There are 20 finishing badge upgrade points, you don’t need lots of Hall of Fame badges, you can get like HOF Dropstepper. 8 shooting badges just enough, we can get Hot Zone Hunter or something like that, maybe Deadeye if you want to do this a little bit more of the pick and pop type of build, that could space the floor, just a little bit in the mid-range area, you could definitely throw on catch and shoot and you should be fine with that and another good thing about this build is we're going to have a very high interior defense. 0 playmaking badge. We have very high defensive stats, so we have Rim Protector, Brick Wall, Chase Down Box, all that stuff like that, so we're really gonna be okay in the paint.

Finishing badges: Heat Seeker (HOF), Posterizer (HOF), Pro Touch (HOF), Post Spin Technician (Gold), Rise Up (Gold), Dropstepper (Silver)

Shooting badges: Catch & Shoot (Gold), Hot Zone Hunter (Gold), Green Machine (Silver)

Defense/Rebounding badges: Brick Wall (HOF), Intimidator (HOF), Rim Protector (HOF), Rebound Chaser (HOF), Box (Silver), Chase Down Artist (Silver), Pogo Stick (Silver)

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