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FIFA 21 TOTY Market Breakdown - TOTY Market Crash Analysis And What Should You Do
1/20/2021 9:14:58 AM

In this tutorial, we're going to be discussing about a lot of different things around the market? what happened today? why it happened? is this the lowest point? and let's discuss about Friday as well, TOTY has been confirmed, so we'll discuss about that what you can expect on the market and things to look at on Friday. we're going to discuss about a few different things around that and some of the content that we did see today.

What happened and why it happened?

Every top tier special card prices all went up before today. why did the these cards go up? Well, most likely because a lot of people were being told to buy when a loading screen comes out. But it’s best to buy if there's a loading screen and there's potential panic, that is an opportunity for you to possibly look at buying these players. And what happened today was an artificial market rise, it was nothing that you could have predicted, it was nothing you could have said to yourselves: “we could have controlled that.” you are waiting for an opportunity to buy your players and at the end of the day, it was a lot of big trader groups that were told to buy at this time and now  these cards are starting to level off again.Because there are so many panic selling/buying happening, we don’t think these cards are going to go back down to their prices they were any time soon or won’t happened again.

What should you do?

However, because these trade groups people most likely are not experienced with the market, what they're expecting now is their cards to rise, that's what they're expecting and it’s uncertain whether it's still going to be like these over the next couple days, because we don't see a lot of coin injection happening. One of the scenario could be those people see that their cards are not rising instead dropping low, then they would be more prone to panic selling that, because of a certain the price that the card is at that they bought. so you just need to wait for them to panic selling again.

So Friday could be a nice window for panic selling with a lot of cards out of pack specials, baby icons, remember those are out of packs they're no longer being supplied, top tier specials as well, even impact icons. they're going to have a little bit of supply to begin with, but then they're going to rise a lot. the market in Friday night's going to do very well. and it's on this scenario if we do get attackers or we get the full team. if it's the offenders, they're not going to be that expensive. the market should still rise but the amount of coins that will be injected into the game on Friday, if we do get the team leader attackers or we get the full TOTY, because you're not only having your lighting rounds and you also be having cards from all of these people that have been saving packs for the whole month. There is going to be so many cards out on Friday night, and too many coins coming out to the market, it is impossible for the market to not rise on Friday night, unless EA sports were to do something.


What kind of cards are most likely going off the most?

1. Live cards

2. Headliner cards

3. Rare Freeze cards

4. META player cards

5. Cards that out of special

6. Roads Of The Final cards

7. Cards that have win streaks

8. The META baby Icons that out of packs

9. Cards that are more likely to get a team of the week

10. Cards that the player potentially getting the TOTY

11. Cards that player playing well in real life has potential to rise

12. Cards that are one or two games away from a potential upgrade

A little reminder, TOTY attackers are not going to be affordable day one. as much as the amount of packs are being ripped open, you're not going to see a TOTY Ronaldo be anywhere under like six and a half million coins day one. when everyone's buying all their cards back, so huge buyback potential on Friday. there's too many coins coming onto the market on Friday.

So that is all for the breakdown on the market crash and how to make FUT coins in the time year. If you want to see more content on fifa 21, check out our news section!


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