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FIFA 21 Best Meta CDM Player For Weekend League- Top 10 Central Defensive Midfielder In The Ultimate Team
11/19/2020 2:43:07 PM

The most important thing about the best CDM in FIFA 21 needs to have qualified stats like excellent stamina, aggression and pace instead of strength. Today, at utplay.com listed the top 10 best FIFA 21 CDM from Icons, Premier League, La Liga, include cheap price CDM and expensive one.  Check all the overpowered FUT 21 prem central defensive midfielder players with a good pace and good physical for your Fut Champs team builder.

FIFA 21 Best Meta CDM Player For Weekend League - Top 10 Central Defensive Midfielder

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The best midfielders FIFA 21 are a key part of the team, which will increase forward creativity and tenacity and can break the opponent's attack. To have more wins at FUT Champs, make sure to try the top 10 FIFA 21 best CDM in games.

CDM: Patrick Vieira - FUT 21 ICONS/ Icons – 88

He is absolutely unreal amazing, he is worth 4 million FUT coins. He has great 90 interception, 90 stamina, 90 aggression, 89 strength, 87 acceleration, 84 sprint speed, 81 short passing, 87 reaction. 87 ball control, 89 composure, 90 standing tackle.

CDM: Joshua Kimmich - Bayern München/ Germany 1. Bundesliga – 89

He gets better and better in every match he plays. His individual quality comes out in full expression more and more often. He has 4 star weak foot, he has excellent 97 stamina, 91 aggression, 92 crossing, 85 agility, 88 short passing, 87 long passing, he can jump if you need him to.

CDM: N'Golo Kanté - Chelsea/ England Premier League - 89

The best all-rounded CDM for the price is the beast Kanté. He has amazing 97 stamina, 91 aggression, 92 aggression,90 def. awareness, 91 standing tackle, 93 balance, 92 reaction, 96 composure.


CDM: Thomas Partey - Arsenal/ England Premier League -86

He is an Arsenal legend,  got a good performance based special card on Arsenal before he played a single game for Arsenal. He is 6’11 tall, he can pass, dribble, has great stamina and aggression, except the pace. If you are good at defending, Partey would be the best for you. He will take you to the elite, take you to the top 100.


CM: Frenkie de Jong - FC Barcelona/ Spain Primera División -85

He is the best choice CDM under 50K in FIFA 21. He has good pace, stamina and defending, He can dribble, and he’s good under pressure. He is also a composer, can pass the ball easily. This is the one you are looking for a CDM, although he hasn’t got the shooting. He only cost 20k, definitely a worthy successor.


 CM: Federico Valverde - Real Madrid/Spain Primera División – 85

This is an absolutely great card, he has 88 stamina, 90 sprint speed, 88 short passing, 87 long passing, 86 reactions, 84 composure and 83 aggression.  This card has agility, balance driven overall pace, stamina and passing.


CDM: Denis Zakaria - Borussia M'gladbach/Germany 1. Bundesliga – 85

One of the best cards on the FIFA 21 game, he has all the stats to be insane, 83 pace, 81defending, 85 physical, decent dribbling and passing as well which is all we need on a CDM to be decent. Zakaria is also an unbelievable center back.


CM: José Paulo Bezerra M. Júnior - Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao/China Super League-85

He is a high-potential FIFA 21 cdm player who can shoot, pass almost a little bit everything. He has high/high work rates, 4 star skill moves, and 4 star weak foot. With excellent 94 jumping, 94 stamina, 84 heading, 87 balance, 85 ball control, 86 vision and 86 positioning,


CM: Marcos Llorente - Atlético de Madrid/Spain Primera División -84

Rulebreaker Llorente is unbelievable, 85 pace, 81 passing, 86 defense, and 84 physical. He is six foot with high/high work rates and well-rounded stats. Especially, 90 interceptions, 88 stamina

CM: Moussa Sissoko - Tottenham Hotspur/ England Premier League  - 82

When Sissoko becomes 84, he will be one of the best CDM without cost many coins in FIFA 21 rivaling icons. If he becomes 86 will be even better than prime moments card. He has 93 stamina, 82 strength, 86 aggression, 84 standing tackle, 87 dribbling, 87 short passing,  87 sprint speed and 90 shot power.

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