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    Expires 08/10/21 23:00:50
    Hyperdrive III pack, Badge pack or Tokens
    Expires 08/06/21 23:00:50
    NEXT MyTEAM Pack
    Expires 08/06/21 23:00:00
    DM Derrick Rose, DM Kyrie Irving, DM Chris Webber, DM Anthony Edwards, DM Patrick Ewing, or DM Andrew Wiggins
    Expires 08/05/21 23:00:08
    Next pack, Badge pack or Tokens
    Expires 08/04/21 23:00:08
    50 Tokens, 25 Tokens, or 3000 MT
    Expires 08/31/21 23:00:33
    Amethyst Kobe Bryant
    Expires 08/06/21 23:00:33
    Sapphire Evo Lebron James
    Never Expires
    1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack

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